Saturday, September 8, 2012

A little late but...OH MY GOSH! The CAKE!

 I know this is a little late but...
When I think about things I loved about my wedding day (aside from Danny ;p) my cake is one thing that I just have to say how much I LOVED!!

 My friend Diana Karstad did it for me and she did an absolutely fantastic job.  I couldn't have been more pleased or grateful for her work.  I had given her a few photo's of the kind of structure/feel I wanted and she really ran with it. I was so amazed.

I basically gave Diana the flowers, and feathers i had LEFT OVER after doing the bouquet and corsages as well as whatever pins I had left over and threw in a few matching pearly beats and said "You go girl, do what you can."  I just wanted to post them and say THANKS again for an AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, ORIGINAL cake that I absolutely loved.  You're so talented!

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