Saturday, December 1, 2012

Baby Waves

Hi, This is Danny, I uploaded a video, you can see the baby again, he waves. =)

 Thursday we had our second baby appointment.  I found out that if there is a "perk" to a high risk pregnancy in the OB clinic its that you get way more ultrasounds!! Most likely at every visit plus two scheduled ones. :) We feel spoiled even though the reasons make sense.  This video is from Thursday with Baby at about 13.5 weeks.  Baby is almost through their first trimester- Yay!  Not much more to report, it was just exciting to see it move around, its little heart beating and the developing brain.  I looooove technology :) still sick most days and on nausea medication.

 Some of you have been asking about deployment.  As of now we have no new information.  Danny's last day in the shop was yesterday and he will start whatevertheacronym was that he didn't know what it stood for but is preparing him to deploy/train or something. We still are not sure when he is going.

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