Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Together Again (Danny's Journey home before the Birth)

Hey everyone! Danny keeps asking why I haven't posted in a while.  I think I was debating on if i'd blog the about the birth at ALL, and I had to wait long enough to have it enough in the "past" to be able to blog about it  :) luckily I wrote it all down in my journal shortly after.  I also wanted to blog some photo's from the shower and haven't yet so I felt like I couldn't post about the birth yet. Eh oh well. Here we go. (The First installment in the birth story :) )

Ready to get my sweetie! 
I went in to the OB's office and my blood pressure had continued to rise and Doc decided to start me the following Monday. Danny was due to arrive Monday... so I called the Red Cross to get an emergency message to Danny and get him here sooner. They were pretty difficult i'd have to say.  When they finally were convinced it was an 'emergency' because of my heart conditions and rising blood pressure, let alone Rowan's risks then she demanded whether or not the birth was already scheduled with the hospital... errrrrr? Oops. So I covered the phone and told the receptionist who said to say it was, as she wrote it! The woman on the phone was like "Yeah, i'm going to hang up and call the office to verify that." She did, and then questioned the receptionist about whether or not it was actually scheduled with the hospital! The nurse was on the phone at that moment scheduling it with the hospital haha. The lady also called and asked for the nurse and grilled her for a while about whether or not this was an actual emergency. All in all I guess they approved it because Danny was at the airport that night... and the next.  Poor guy! I went to bed that night thinking that when I woke up i'd be seeing Danny that night... I couldn't sleep and checked facebook around 3 am to find army people asking me if  I knew where my husband was.  Well I didn't. They said all they know is he didn't get on the plane. Of course being in the situation we are I had to wonder if he'd been kidnapped by terrorists. So, freaking out a little bit yeah.

 That morning Danny contacted me, the poor guy. He'd had a horrible day/night.  The plane actually broke down.  He got the run around for hours and was finally put up in a motel by the airline.  You'll have to get the full story from him! Glad he didn't get on that plane though with its broken part.

This is how excited I was to see him hahaha
 Danny flew in Saturday night (May 25th.)  I planned on only getting to the airport about 10 min before he was supposed to land... so I wouldn't have too much time to get anxious. :) If that sounds strange when picking up your own spouse let me tell you... it is strange! Not seeing them for MONTHS is strange! Plus I was 20 lbs heavier and HUGELY pregnant! He hadn't seen my baby belly or anything yet and I was nervous.  Of course I spent at least two hours getting ready lol, I had nothing else to do anyway.

Jamba down my white shirt, priceles

I'm such a goober.  I was ready earlier than I wanted to be so I stopped at Jamba for the usual (peach pleasure with strawberries instead of banana's and an energy boost, try it love it)  and, of course spilled smoothie right down my white shirt.  It was a humbling experience haha! I decided that maybe it leveled the playing field since my poor hunny hadn't showered for three days and been on a plane for two.

I had thought about whether or not to have my family at the airport and he and I decided we just wanted to be us. I'm so glad. I didn't want an audience for our meeting. It was a good decision.  I think we will keep it that way next time as well.

When I got into the Idaho Falls airport I found out that he had actually landed early! Waiting outside those doors watching for him was so nerve wracking! Stupid airports, it always is. I was so beyond happy to see him when I finally did! The first thing he said was "Oh sweetie, the camera doesn't do you justice." :) That's my sweetheart! We kissed and I almost cried!  While we got his luggage I had to remind him we were in a public place and he may need to stop rubbing my belly lol :) Love you baby.

Both of these photo's were taken Sunday, May 26 the day before we went to have our baby. :)

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  1. You are amazing Megan! I am glad your husband was able to make it! And you are soooooooooo beautiful! Teach me? Can't wait to see you and meet your little boy!!!