Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Errr Hello May?

Today I saw the .... I keep forgetting what she's called. She's an OB specialist, but she doesn't actually deliver babies? But deals with high risk pregnancies... yeahhhh. So as soon as we got there (Mom came with, thank you Mom!) They did another ultrasound.  And they found that the baby's abdomen isn't or hasn't grown normally... its in the 10th percentile for growth while his head is in the 60th.  This could be due to his two vessel single artery cord or it may have something to do with my heart or both.  HOW the Seasons Women's clinic US tech that did an ultrasound TWO days ago didn't see this... I don't know but i'm glad they've sent me to a specialist and i've seen it now.  So they'll be watching him and doing an ultrasound weekly to check for growth. If he hasn't grown and things aren't looking so good and his growth percentile continues to drop they may have to take him early. But, she also didn't recommend I be induced because of my heart.... and said she wouldn't let me go over my due date. Don't know how all that will work out... I just got the call they're switching me OB's to Doctor Oldroyd in Idaho Falls.  Funny... because the post I made a few weeks ago about being conflicted about changing his doctor? That was the exact doc I was thinking of switching to. Everything happens for a reason.  I kept praying and was so confused about what to do and look! I am ending up there with him anyway!  Sigh :( I ... need my husband.

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