Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Goodbye April!!!!

Five more weeks! May is my last full month of pregnancy whoo hoo!!! And I get to see Danny in May :) we are planning on him coming may 30th.  I'm so ready to see him! Its been way too long. Hopefully everything works out with him being here for the birth and getting to spend some time with our new little son.

I had the ultrasound yesterday to find out why Rowan was measuring big.  And everything was FINE! haha he was 5 lbs and 13 oz so he'll probably be around 8-9 lbs at birth if their little formula was correct and he doesn't come late...annnnd I hope he doesn't. Because then Danny wont get much if any time with him and i'm in pain a lot of the time sooo yeah! My fluid was fine too, meaning within the normal ranges so I don't know why he's measuring big haha but oh well at least everything is fine!  I was so excited to see him on the ultrasound again, he covered his face with his hands the last two i've had.  But, he covered it again! And the tech was going so fast that by the time I figured out what I was looking at she'd moved on anyway.  Everything looked good though- heart, brain, kidneys... toesies and he's still a little boy! It was strange to see how big he is now.  We love him and can't wait to meet him!

I also saw my cardiologist yesterday and he said I was ok to deliver! :) So that was also good news, it was a good day.  I'm going to a high risk specialist in Idaho Falls tomorrow at the recommendation of the OB's at seasons medical... she's going to take what the cardiologist said and kind of come up with a plan for safest labor and things.  My cardiologist was confident everything would be fine but he just wasn't sure about how medications would affect labor, about using forceps and things... I think she's also going to say whether or not I should deliver in Rexburg at all! We'll see how that goes. One other question the cardiologist answered for me was if I can/should have more kids.  He said he thought I would be fine to have more children in the future.  Overall it was a good news day!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this story! My cousin just saw her Queens cardiologist and she is okay to deliver too. It's such an exciting moment in someone's life.