Thursday, April 18, 2013


WOW! My friend Lindsey shared this article with me after reading my last blog post.  There is a lot of great info in here! It mentions tools to help you monitor your body for ovulation and  there are apps too to help women keep track of these things. Its really neat.  Some complain about going off the pill or removing an IUD because its so easy to use and they don't know if they can "do" the other methods........ but I believe in a God of miracles, if he can move mountains he can DEFINATLY help you in family planning!  Annnnnnnnd I'll probably eat crow when I get pregnant while trying to do one of these someday.. but if it happens its probably  cause I slacked! :P  But really, at what cost do we use these (synthetic hormonal drugs and IUD's) methods? Especially if we're truly pro-life?



Update: check out the free fertility app called My Days! 

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