Wednesday, April 24, 2013

34 Weeks

Hey everyone! First things first, if you haven't already heard I am now living in Rexburg at Central Park Apartments next to Frontier Pies.  For some of you that means i'm closer and others... i'm further away :( ....

I had another baby appointment Monday.  Rowan's non-stress test looked great! But, he is measuring big- 39 cm when he should be around 33-35 cm.  So they're going to check his size and fluid on Monday with an ultrasound.  Either way... i'm SO excited to see him again!!!! :D The last two we had he covered his little face and I couldn't see what he looked like.  They even went 4D for a min both times and I couldn't see him so i'm looking forward to that.  The midwife also checked to make sure his head was down and sure enough he's in the right position! I can't believe how close its getting.  Monday I am also seeing the cardiologist to find out how he recommends I deliver.   Whether that's just having me have an epidural so i'm not as stressed, or not pushing while they remove him with suction or forceps, or a c-section.  I'm sure everything will be fine though it will just be nice to know what he says.  And to find out what the ultrasound shows.... Monday is kind of a big day!

Danny and I are planning (for now) on him coming May 28th.  This could still change... depending on what they say/find monday but for now that's the plan! I'm so ready to see him! He will have been deployed for almost 4 months by then, and we won't have seen one another for 4.5 months.  Too long! We're so excited.  It's getting to that point where we can finally see the light at the "end" of the tunnel. 34 days!!!!! :D

Danny is doing great, his schedule was changed to days again so we get to talk to one another twice a day.  His mornings are my evenings so that's usually brief but i'm still glad we get to say goodnight.  He's still adjusting... and he just got called in while he was getting ready for bed! But he's doing well.  He's being a good example and has had more opportunities to share the gospel and i'm so proud!

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