Friday, August 2, 2013

Bringing Home Baby

 Breasfeeding contiued to be really difficult and I didn't know why.  He'd latch... but then push away from me with his hands and arch his head back to pull away.  His little neck was so strong and trying to force it to the breast just wasn't working. Then he'd claw me...

Before we left that day I thought Rowan looked a little... yellow.  They did a little skin test (not the heal prick??) and said he rated fine and wasn't jaundice.  Yeah.. no.

Here's little Rowan all dressed in his sweet little outfit to come home!

Daddy getting Rowan in his seat :) 

Aww he already looks so little! In these pics compared to now at two months! Here he is all ready to take off! Mom made the cat in the hat blanket and the hospital gave us the navy blue beanie.

Heading home :) 

Bringing home our first baby to a nasty motel studio apartment was a weird experience.  We never expected to not have a home, be together or even a nursery for our baby.  I'm just beyond grateful I had a healthy perfect little baby to bring home and my sweet husband to take us.  That's all that matters, us. So it was as home as it could ever be! 

Little "Row Row" at home sleeping on Daddy 

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