Friday, August 2, 2013

Glow Worm

I had scheduled Rowan's circumcision for shortly after his birth.  I think our second day home? I just wanted Danny to be there for it. When we got there they did the newborn checkup and decided Rowan wasn't healthy enough to have it. He'd lost too much weight in his 4 days of life and his bili levels were way too high.  He was pretty lethargic too and not really eating.  If I tried to feed him he still arched away from the breast and clawed at me.  The doctors called a company that delivers medical equipment and they brought a blili blanky to our home.  Little Row Row became a glow worm!

Poor little yellow bug! 

We had to drive to Idaho Falls every day to have his levels checked.  He kept losing weight and his levels kept rising.  He was on two blankets and had dropped his levels a lot when we finally decided to start supplementing with formula.  He was so lethargic from being sick that feedings had become a dreaded nightmare combined with how he fought it and I just didn't feel like he was getting what he needed.  That eating was too difficult and that's why he was reacting the way he was during feedings.  Danny and I were getting really worried about his weight and how quickly it had dropped.  I wanted so badly for him to get what he needed form the breast milk as well as the health benefits for me.  But, we just wanted him to get better and be healthy.  Yes, all babies use a little bit of weight within their first few days but.. he'd lost too much.   So we started him on some gentelease formula.  

Danny feeding his little "Row Row"

I just thought it was so funny how he glowed from his crib! 

Danny with his "tactical baby bag" at the doc's

This photo we took of Rowan after finishing his very first bottle haha, he looks so cute, eyes all  crossed and SO little! He chunked up so fast after we started him on formula. We still had to wake him up to eat at least every three hours.  That was really hard.  Not only because he was so lethargic but because we were both so exhausted!  I didn't have a single day while Danny was here that I could stay home and rest or heal. It was such a crazy whirlwind.  He had friends visit, we had SO many doctors appointments, photo shoots, the baby blessing, relatives in town it was hard. I have to say though that compared to how much pain I was in pregnant because of my bladder condition I felt pretty good considering, plus I had hydrocodone! :D It was just too bad things were so crazy.  Plus the added - Oh, you're leaving us in a few days... that was really sad and overwhelming for both of us.  Good news though, because his leave ended up as emergency leave instead of his scheduled R&R we might get to see him in Sept!

Little Rowan on one of the days we went to the doc to have his levels checked. SO sweet. :) 


  1. Poor guy! I am glad he is doing better! Totally recognize that Dr's office! We went there with Enoch, too :) Good times! You're such a wonderful Mother I bet, what a lucky little boy to have you guys :) ♥

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  3. My daughter is now 8 and I still call her Pea Pod because she glowed green from sleeping on one of those lights! I wouldn't change anything from that time, it makes you appreciate life. He's a beautiful boy and good luck!