Saturday, September 28, 2013

Row-Row's Circumcision :(

I'm pretty sure what the doctors say about how long the numbing medication lasts its a BUNCH OF CRAPPP!  Just saying.  Danny and I took Rowan in for his circumcision after his bili levels were back to normal and he'd chunked up a bit.  We were both nervous about how Rowan would take it.. and I was nervous of how i'd handle it.  

 Here's the bubba strapped down and ready to go! We both stayed in the room during the procedure.  Rowan did really well actually and we were impressed!  And I didn't freak out, we were both just concerned for our baby and curious about how it worked. They did the little ring and string method.  The nurse gave Rowan little tastes of sugar water with his binky to keep him calm and he did great. 
 See? Immediately after his little surgery he still looks happy as a  clam! I still look a little pale lol It was when we got to the car that i'm pretty sure that "medication that will last a few hours" was worn off. He went ballistic.  Poor baby!  He screamed and screamed an awful hurt cry... and he wouldn't be comforted for anything.  He wouldn't  take his bottle or binky and no amount of shushing was making him feel any better. Poor little man clawed at me with his tiny nails and screamed until he crashed.  When we got home he glared at us for a few hours :) Poor guy.

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  1. I just came across your blog and though I'm glad your son was okay, you are right that there is no anesthesia available that can prevent the severe pain experienced during and after genital cutting. Even after the procedure, for which the majority of boys are given no anesthesia, babies are urinating and defacating in diapers with their raw, open wounds. More than half of American boys are kept intact these days, and there are many benefits to not cutting. Aside from sidestepping the numerous complications (which the American Academy of Family Physicians estimates is up to one-third), there are many benefits to keeping a boy intact. I urge you and your blog followers to take a second look--unfortunately, American doctors are very behind on this issue. We are the only country in the world that routinely cuts baby boys for non-religious reasons.