Saturday, September 28, 2013

Daddy got to visit again!

If anyone who follows my blog noticed I posted like 4 times today its because my internet hasn't worked for TWO MONTHS!!! It's been so awful.  Especially with me being here alone all day with nothing to do! Now i'm back to blogging, looking for a home for us in GA, doing family history... watching my shows and other general online time wasting activity. :)  Sigh I can't wait to go back to GA and have my things back!!!

When Danny came home for the birth it was on emergency leave.  He only came home about 2-3 days earlier than he was already approved to come home on R&R but because of my blood pressure they took Rowan on the morning of the day Danny would have arrived.  Anyway, I sent a red cross message to get him here earlier on emergency leave.  We had no idea at the time but doing so made it so Danny STILL GOT R&R! Kinda worked the system but wow, we had no idea and WHAT a blessing!!!! He got to come visit for two weeks at the beginning of September.

I had this sign made to take with us to the airport... and I forgot to get a picture of Rowan with it! But, its still cute :)  I taped it to his stroller.

Little Rowan all ready to pick up his Daddy from the airport!

Dang  I don't know why but I get so nervous every time I have to meet Danny at the airport... ha, seems like that's all we have done our entire relationship! It's getting so old... i'm tired of the drama of it all! We are almost done though.

Idaho Falls Airport

We got to the airport just in time for Danny to land, I prefer it that way instead of sitting there getting more nervous.  There was a family there waiting for a kid getting off of his mission.. they were blocking the doors, taking up all of the chairs and basically dominating the entire airport.  Not gonna lie, super annoying. I had to weed through people and stand off to the side trying to see if my sweetie was coming.  And we had our private little meeting once again, lucky to have him home safe while the missionary mom was bawling...

Poor Rowan was soooo exhausted by the time we got to the airport, it was past his bed time.  I handed him to his Daddy... it was pretty funny to watch Danny hold Rowan like a new born hahaha, supporting his neck and cradling him lol I was like ummm babe, he's a lot bigger now, he doesn't like that.
Blurry, but cute- poor Row Row.  He even cried while I held him he was just so sleepy!

First family photo in 3 months

Awww love him! 

I'm so grateful Danny was able to come. Rowan was ten days old when he left and had changed so much.  It was really important to me that he got to see him at this stage. And while Danny was here he got to see Rowan hit a growth spurt and all of the sudden develop a few skills. I was so grateful!  

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