Saturday, September 28, 2013

4th of July

The 4th was a rough day for all of us.  It felt really odd to talk to my husband... who is sacrificing everything he loves about life right now on a day when he should be honored and nobody cared. Nobody thanked him, and he didn't get to do anything special, just went to work doing what he does so that we American's can all sleep peacefully.   

My family all went camping for the fourth.  I told them I didn't think I could do that with a newborn.  He was crying a lot and night and I was still healing and had an infection... yeah.... So I was at home dressing Rowan up to go nowhere... and having a semi-meltdown.  (After getting him all cute in his patriotic onesie and legs and I in my red pants and blue and white shirt he threw up all over both of us.)  So I called Jaimee, kinda freaking out and she invited me to hang out with her family for the fourth.  I had fun and was grateful once again for  her friendship.  We went down by the River, got dinner and watched the show!
I Love Baby Legs!

Sad face after throwing up all over his patriotic onsie

Rowan and I at the fire works

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