Saturday, September 28, 2013

Growin' Rowan

Our little "Row Row" is growing so fast!  He changes so much even from day to day it seems that I don't even know where to start on updating everyone on regular life and not "events".  For starters... after a month and a half  I moved out of the nasty, old, dark, depressing, smelly windowless motel.  I now have been in a new one bedroom apartment owned by the same complex.  Rowan has been a joy to watch grow and develop over the last 4 months (today is his 4 month birthday!)  It's been so fun to see his little personality come out.  It has been a real challenge by myself but I have a lot of support from family and friends and that helps a lot!

Rowan can now smile, babble, roll over both ways, grab objects, blow raspberries, laugh out loud, claw and pinch and pull mommy's hair and eat rice cereal.  Oh! And sometimes hold his on bottle haha, usually it just ends up a fight over the bottle.. because he can hold it but has trouble keeping it in his mouth and at the right angle to have the milk flow down.  He's funny.  I have to pin his little arms down sometimes to feed him because he fights me over the bottle and gets so angry he just wants to do it himself!!! He's a VERY independent curious little man.  He doesn't snuggle unless he is sick and has to be sitting up facing the room so he can see everything that's going on :) .  This can be a fight during feedings too, he's constantly trying to sit up haha, he's a strong little guy!  Even though he's learned how to take his binky out of his mouth he cant quite get it back in and that makes him so mad!  I keep looking through my pics to find ones I want to add to this post but... I just can't decide! And all of my day to day fav's are on facebook anyway.

Sleeping is hit and miss.  I can pretty consistently lay him in his cradle at bed time and he will put himself to sleep, he just still doesn't stay asleep.  Unless he's going through a growth spurt, then I get spoiled, and then its over!  For a while he had a pretty consistent pattern of bed around eight or nine, get up at 4 am and sleep till about 9.  But after his last growth spurt its been pretty sporadic and I think he's teething and thats been making sleep difficult.  He gets low grade fevers and drools but I haven't been able to tell if his gums are swollen... so we will see.

I'm so bad.  I have been feeding him rice cereal for a week now.  I would try it off and on for the last 4 weeks but just recently did he really start showing signs and skills that he was ready for food.  I'm terrible though i'm always putting different foods in his mouth! You'd think studying child development would make me more anal about those things but.. nah. :) He so far loves popcorn (the soft part), cooked carrots, mushed beans and dinner rolls lol 

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