Monday, May 19, 2014

Yes, we're pregnant!

(I guess  I did make a post about the pregnancy, I just hadn't posted it because, now I remember I wanted to make sure everything was ok and that we got to hear a heartbeat, then I forgot to finish and post it.)

As you may have seen on Facebook this week we announced that Tracy baby version 2.0 will be joining our family this fall! End of October to be exact. In some ways I have felt the need to defend our decision to have another baby this soon, but here on my blog I feel like i'm sharing my thought process with friends rather than defending or choice. First, Danny gets out of the army in November. Knowing how expensive having babies is, and how much more expensive it was with complications and the cost of the zofran we started discussing trying for baby number 2. We wet exactly 10 months away from when he gets out. The topic of my heart condition came up and although I was ok-d by my cardiologist to have more children we had the feeling that it may be easier for me to handle if I have kids sooner rather than later. (Just because the stenosis builds up over time, if we waited 10 years between our first and last … who knows?)  We also will not have the same medical coverage after Danny gets out.  I started considering how far apart we both were from our next sibling…. Kenyon and I are a year and a half and Danny and his twin sisters were 14 months apart. Although I was terrified to go through the pain again and sickness part of me was really looking forward to doing it WITH Danny this time, from beginning to end as well as raising a newborn. In the end we decided hey, we have 10 months before we get out, lets just try this month and if we get pregnant then it was meant to be! But if not, we'll wait until we know what coverage we will have post-army.

My main concern for having another baby was not being able to take care of Rowan if I were too sick.  Danny assured me he would be here to help every step of the way. Even though he's working full time and in school he has been very helpful. I love him so much! And, i'm so happy to say that things have not been near as bad this time! With Rowan I was throwing up from day one, so severely that even as my body produced bile every 10-15 min I would be violently ill, popping blood vessels in my eyes, dislocating my jaw… yeah. Zofran was my saving grace! Every day that has not been like that with this pregnancy has been a gift. For a while I was worried maybe something was wrong to not be having such severe symptoms! And truthfully… I keep FORGETTING i'm even pregnant because i'm not so sick. To me that is what pregnancy is in many ways. I have of course had all of the other fun symptoms, terrible acid reflux, constipation, sore breasts, sore hips, nothing fits and some nausea and a bit of throwing up. My bladder problems haven't been too bad yet because baby is so small.

 Because of my health problems I am considered high risk and they are sending me to a doctor OUTSIDE of Eisenhower! I'm SO glad. Ugh. I hate that place. And Danny tends to shut down there for some reason and it's very frustrating. Usually because he's tired and doesn't want to be there!  Today is my first appointment and i'm pretty excited! I want to see our little bean, hear the heart beating and see that it measures normal. 

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