Monday, January 13, 2014

My Stance on Heterosexual Marriage

In recent years we as members of the church have fought to keep and declare the definition of marriage as a union between men and women.  In spite of those efforts law makers are still moving and have moved in some states, to legalize gay marriage. The fight has changed from "What is marriage? " to "What is your stance on gay marriage?" Well let me tell you...


I am a daughter of God. I in was created by God in His image. I have a divine nature and destiny that involves my potential as a wife and mother. Being female has been a part of my identity before I was born and will continue to be after I die.  My husband was also created in God's image. He has been male since before this world was and being male is part of his divine heritage just as much as being female is part of mine.

My stance on heterosexual marriage is that it is an institution created and ordained by God.  That being married, having families, and raising children are part of Gods divine purpose and plan for each of us. That when the family falls apart society falls apart.  God created us male and female and meant for us to be together.

Part of my divine potential as a female is being a wife. I was commanded, by God to marry a man.  To leave my parents and "cleave" to a spouse and be as one flesh. (Genesis 2:24) Marriage between a man and a woman is an institution created by God to perpetuate His plan involving eternal families. I believe in marriage and was married to my sweetheart in 2012.  I was created to be a part of him just as he was to be a part of me. Neither is man without the woman nor woman without the man. Spiritually, physically, and forever- my literal other half.

Another part of my divine right to womanhood is having and raising children. I and my husband, as married man and woman. were commanded by God to " be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth." (Genesis 1:27-28)  To me, this is an integral part what marriage means. It is fulfilling our duty to raise spirit sons and daughters. As such my husband and I had our first son 8 months ago.  This little chubby, drooly person is our whole world! He is part of both of us, and he, is also a son of God.

When I think about my stance on heterosexual marriage I think of this face. Because without heterosexual relations, in marriage, it would not exist.  Our son had the right to be born. He has the right to be born to a man and a woman who are married. He has the right to be loved and cared for, to have his spiritual, educational, physical and social needs met. He has the right to be part of a family as God intended. I believe in this face.  I believe that he was meant to be here and that having married, male and female parents gives him his very best chance at life.  My husband and I have a duty to this little person to honor our marital vows.  When society stops believing in family as a man and woman bound in marriage raising children our culture, country, and family's are in jeopardy.

 The Family A Proclamation to the World calls upon us to uphold, fight for and to strengthen the family as the "fundemental unit of society."  I believe that it is the fundamental unit of society and that its roots are in heterosexual marriage.

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