Monday, January 27, 2014


UGH! I hate that I promised you people I would hold myself accountable to my promises to get healthy.  Obviously It hasn't been going that well or i'd be bragging about it instead of posting pictures of  furniture…..
We are doing pretty well at eating clean- most days. We were hard core for a few weeks… but then we run out of grocery money and eat mac and  cheese for a week. Then we eat clean for a few after getting paid and then are back on ramen and called beans. Soooo sigh, we decided ok, we can't go all hard core on this clean eating, (meaning completely organic, all fresh, no processed foods) and focus more on health so that we can make it week to week. So now we eat canned beans now and then and boxed granola or cherrios. I'm still cooking as clean and as healthy as possible. And we still aren't having treats. Or we will have clean pumpkin "cookies".  Anyway- I haven't lost any weight really. I did at  first, when we went cold turkey off of sugar and started eating clean I lost 5 lbs and NO more. So frustrating. After slipping some during the holidays we decided to kick off the new year by doing a juice fast and cleanse. We watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (a juicing and weight loss documentary) on netflix about 4 times. I was SO excited! I couldn't wait to jump start some weight loss, and hopefully improve my health problems! Specifically- pre-dibates and Interstitial Cystitis.  We got on Joe's juicing website and found out he was doing a little juice fast thing online… we thought hey! Perfect timing! We signed up to juice with Joe!  (Everyone say hello to Joe…)
We bought a Briville juicer. It is AMAZING. And we didn't even get the most expensive one.  Before our 3 day juice fast started we bought all the veggies and spent some time preparing them for juicing and put them in bags for specific juice recipes. That way we'd have them all ready to go and not be tempted to grab something else. The next morning after  Danny left for work I took 1-2-3 sips of my morning orange drink and BAM! Almost blacked out.  What they don't mention on FSND is that juicing isn't that great  for people struggling to control blood sugar. If you have  diabetes or are pre-diabetic or have hypoglycemia it is NOT the thing for you!! Unless you ONLY drink GREEN VEGETABLES. Personally i'd rather just eat them. What happens is when you juice fruits and veggies you remove all of the fiber and end up dumping a ton of natural sugar, in a quickly digestible form right into your blood stream. Sugar, natural, processed, refined, whatever is still sugar and your body reacts the same to it. So my blood sugar spiked and then crashed really fast. I had the worst migraine i'd had in years that day, was so dizzy I couldn't walk, puked.. parts went numb yeah. I had to have Danny come home from work. I was so disappointed.  I've had trouble being committed ever since. We have tried some of P90X but it's WAY too advanced for me. And Danny tries to lead me in some exercises but everything he tells me to do is physically impossible at this weight. Both just frustrate me and make me feel like a failure. My allergies have been horrible so outdoors is not really an option.  I did a little research on workout videos and found some good advice. If you are a beginner you should look for "beginner" level instructional videos that are in small say 10 min segments. I found a few online but money is tight so we got a used one from 2nd and Charles. I found this little gem….
 The Best Workouts Ever… Cardio. Yaaay. Yes, this is as lame as it sounds. BUT! It's 10 min segments for beginners so I figured that might work for me. It had bad reviews, some of the instructors aren't very good… but it's what I needed in most aspects. I did it today and it was easy enough I could do it but still got my heart rate up and challenged me. YAY! I worked out. 


  1. have you checked out youtube? i watched lots of pregnancy yoga and ive done workouts from there too. and all the ones i followed were for beginners too. just another option if you get bored of the same one youre doing :) good luck!

  2. So sorry juicing didn't work for you!! We also love Joe and this Film, and Jeff did a 3-day fast the beginning of Jan and lost, like, 12 lbs! It also helped him cut some of his bad habits like over-eating and what-not. Have you considered doing a partial cleanse? Like a green veggie smoothie for one meal a day? Just an idea.

  3. The only way I could is if I only did green veggies at all, not even like a green smoothie including some fruits.. .and i'd rather just eat em a spinach celery smoothy is terrible…… lol