Monday, January 13, 2014

New Apartment Projects I LOVE

    Shabby Chic Dresser 

 Ahhhhh! I'm kicking myself for not posting a before picture of this early 1900's dresser. Wah wah waaaaah. We got in on craigslist (solid oak) for 70$. Not going to lie even though I bought it specifically  as a project piece for Rowan's room I was really feeling like I'd spent too much and should have looked further… until I painted and antiqued it! (Please, don't judge me for the sin of painting oak.)  Jaimee found this paint for me while I was pregnant and Danny was deployed. Clearance bin I believe? It's Chalkboard paint. I had originally wanted to use it on his wooden cradle. Buuuut time went by, Danny was gone, and it finally made its way to the top of the to-do list. :) 

How I did it:
1. Remove hardware and lightly sanded then wiped down wood.
2. One layer of chalkboard paint, I painted it pretty streakily specifically missing corners. Let dry fully.
3. Sanded down corners ands wear area's. 
4. Rubbed with watered down stain to give worn/dirty look. Let dry.
5. Covered with wax, let stand 20 min and buffed off with a soft cloth.
6. Stained handles and re-attach hardware. 

 I did it this color to match a quilt my mom made for Rowan. His room is … loosely based on these colors. :) Well… what we have for it so far is! Poor bubba his little room has become storage/office as well. But here it is! Couldn't be happier. :)

Future Project? I just had to share this lovely dusty coral paint I found …1 gallon for 5$.  I want to do more furniture pieces but haven't had luck finding any for a decent price. 

Soooo… we have had our eyes peeled for the perfect entertainment center dresser  for a long time. If you check out my "for the home" board on pinterest you will find a number of inspiration pieces! I really wanted to do a bright coral color to bring some color to our living room color scheme. Danny's dad offered to buy us something for Christmas when he visited so we went out to hunt for good solid wood pieces to use. We looked quite a few places, most were in poor condition, pressed wood and overpriced. I was getting a little discouraged when we ran into this….

Yeah! Basically just what I wanted! ALREADY done. lol That's what we got. I love it. It looks great in our living room! Danny was really excited about the prospect of converting it into an entertainment center. He removed the top  two faces from their drawers then attached hinges and latches. He then Attached ribbons on the side to support the doors when opened and stained the interior. Love it! Perfect for electronic storing and Rowan won't be able to get into a bunch of open shelves. And it looks nice to be able to close it.  :) 

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