Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Baby Sign and Baby Food Graduation

Rowan is SUCH a funny little boy. I cannot tell you how much personality this baby has. He's crazy!  It's so fun to take him places and watch him interact with people around him. I watch other babies kind of just sit there looking around and chilling and Rowan… is ALL OVER! Watching, exploring, DESTROYING, and seeking interactions with anyone that will make eye contact with him. He's so funny and so much fun.  He's very stubborn, curious and determined as well!  Until he learned how to crawl he was a very difficult baby.  He went from laying and being mad he couldn't sit up (and doing hundreds of baby crunches trying…) to sitting and mad he couldn't crawl.  Now he gets around and discovers things and is way more content! About a month ago he started "yelling" at us. Usually for attention.  Or if he wanted something… I decided I really needed to finally get on the ball and start trying to teach him a few signs. I wasn't sure he was getting anything.. and I was prepared for it to take a few months and then this week he started doing more! I was ecstatic! I have incorporated more signs and am doing my best to use them daily.  Tonight while he was getting ready for bed i'm pretty sure he was doing the eat sign. But it was strange because it looked just like he was pretending to eat something! He took his hand to his mouth and made little munching motions/sounds.  He's way too little to pretend yet though… so it must be the sign right? Right?

Rowan's new thing is rejecting pureed foods. Sigh. We have so much! Even his favorite strawberry gerber yogurt isn't going anywhere except all over me as he sprays it in my face
during feedings. I can't tell you how frustrating this had become. It used to just be when he was full. Or, if he didn't like something. I tried everything I could to make it stop, even some things i'm not proud of! (Popping his lip.) We tried saying a stern "NO! Know what he did? Looked down and "quietly" spit. I guess we are going to have to prepare for a defiant kid.  Then after doing some reading on the topic I started doing the "all done" sign and getting up and walking away and ignoring him.  None of these things have worked. Not even just going with it and ignoring the behavior hoping it will just be a phase he gets over soon. Things have actually gotten worse. So I've given up and finally realized it's less about the food and more about independence. He wants to feed HIMSELF.  After letting him slurp noodles, and blueberries tonight I think we've found our solution. 

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