Saturday, March 1, 2014

New, In, Out?

Something many of you may not know about me is that I love fashion.  I love watching project runway and Tim Gunn's new show- Under the Gunn.  I enjoy wearing fashionable pieces but often struggle to find things I like in my size that are ALSO in my budget! Seriously. There's almost nothing. And I have a shoe issue, such high arches none of those lovely flats or high heels are even wearable for me. So I spend my time browsing fashion blogs and drooling over the higher end clothing items I  cannot afford! But it is a passion of mine, and when I DO go shopping, sometimes I forget what's on trend and go back to my "old" "comfy" comfort zone. Here are some things I've noticed this season… if i'm wrong ….. eh.

What's in, what's new, what's out?

Kendi Everyday
She has the floral, pinks, Skinny jean,
 gaudy jewelry… yes. yes. yes.
Still in:
Color blocking
skinny pant
cropped pant
polka dots
emphasis on natural waist
bright lips
clean, fresh, glowing, dewy makeup look
quirky pieces
wedge shoes

pairing stripes with florals
This is an example of one of my fav's! The hour
glass silhouette, a symmetric peplum and color blocking!
Oh, and blush skirt.
gaudy almost costume-y jewelry
short flared skirts
pencil skirts
white pants
white jackets
mixing prints

Maybe on its way out (as in i'm not seeing it on fashion blogs or for sale as much): 
maxi skirts

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