Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentines Day no.1

We had our first Valentines Day together this year! No distance or deployments! YAY! What a weird week though… first, ice storm that encases every tree branch, leaf, and blade of grass in about an INCH of ice! The weight of the ice caused the tree's to bend in half, touching the ground and their branches to snap!  This pic is of a branch that broke off into our parking space… a few HOURS after Danny got the impression to MOVE OUR CAR! Some people have made light of how much damage and chaos this storm caused. Let me tell you… i'm from Idaho ok. I KNOW SNOW. And wind, and biting cold, slush, black ice bla bla bla! THIS was different. This caused tons of damage to the area, tree's hanging from power lines, power line poles snapped in half, broken branches everywhere, tree's over roads and power outages for 4 DAYS for some! We found out the hard way we are not prepared for any kind of disaster.

So that happened. Then.. the day after we got our power back was Valentines Day. We were chatting after putting Rowan down when oh, the GROUND STARTED SHAKING! I was scared. I didn't know what was happening! Danny told me to go get in the bathtub, then I was worried about Rowan, he ran to get him, then he was yelling for me to get in the car… nothing else happened. We waited in the car for a  bit and then got bogo red velvet cream cheese frosting blizzards. Weird day. Week. 

Here's what I did for Danny for Valentines Day. Rowan gave him the pic and his little foot salt dough heart :) I made him a bouquet of duct tape, 6 black and 6 mustaches. I wanted to give him a dozen "manly" roses… but the bacon bouquets I saw on pinterest were disgusting. The metal container they are in was 1$ at target and I stood them in heart m&m's.  The gift bag is entitled the "It's Business Time" bag, flight of the Concords lol…. hehe.. he.. it had various "business time" items, along with "business socks" hahahahaha i'm awesome! 

I made red velvet sandwich cookies with cream cheese frosting.  They were delicious! And so festive :) 

 Here's my sweet baby! His red pants got here on Valentines day! Love him :) He got a little valentines day puppy!

We didn't have any plans on Valentines day. So we went to target to get a movie and decided on a whim to go buy a fish. First I wanted to look at puppies… we went to petco but there were no puppies! So I said I waned a love fish. I wanted two love fishes and one baby fish but instead we ended up with one killer beta fish… because it was the lowest maintenance. 

Danny ordered my Sherries Berries. They didn't come on time because of the weather… and then the card was wrong, not even from him. The card was from some guy named Christian Daniel who said he was the love of my life.  Sigh poor Danny! He was on top of it and it didn't work out. He got me roses and chocolates too :) The roses are blooming now and look so beautiful!

We had Saturday set up as our Valentine's Date Day! Someone in the ward was kind enough to take Rowan and we were able to go to the temple and do some sealings. This was our first visit to the temple in Columbia SC.  Afterwards we went to Fujiyama! My first time. It was fun and delicious. We had some awful people next to us but it was still a great time.

It's valentines so here's a kissy pic :) 

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