Monday, February 3, 2014

Georgia Aquarium

 Awwww here's my sweet little chubber! We went to the aquarium in Atlanta GA over a four day weekend Danny had for Martin Luther King Day.  It was nice to get out of town for a day and explore a little bit. One thing I would say… if you go don't go on a weekend, I had kids jabbing me in the ribs so that I would move so they could see it was so overcrowded. We learned our lesson. Oh, and eat before you go or take food, its a rip off and there's no where to put a cooler. Oh, or to breastfeed! I noticed so many women sitting on the floor feeding babies! Anyway.                                                      

Rowan couldn't have cared less about the fish haha! He was just wondering what the heck we were doing there and enjoyed chewing on his stroller strap. :) Gotta love him! I wasn't able to get many good shots, but because the jelly fish light up I got a pretty awesome one.

We tried to get a family pic in the tunnel under the giant aquarium buuuut it was kind of  hard with all of the crowds and the moving convayer belt.

 Sharks and sting ray!

Rowan was getting pretty cranky by the time we made it through all of the aquarium; and not gonna lie we were getting a little tired of wrestling him. We had tickets to the dolphin show, but it was three hours from starting. We decided to wait to see it and just he'd get a good nap before. Up to that point we weren't sure it had been worth the cost, especially with wrestling the crowds. Rowan fell asleep while we waited for the show to start and slept through some of it so that worked out and oh my heck it was AWESOME! Dolphins in a giant tank in front of a stage with awesome lights and sets and.. it was a musical.. anyway it was amazing. THAT made it totally worth it. So glad we waited!

Here's a … tiger shark I think?


  1. awesome!
    this makes me want to go to the one we're semi-close to!
    but its $50 a pop!

  2. Yeah it was a little pricy! Even with the military discount.