Monday, February 3, 2014

Homemade Baby Food

Today Rowan and I made him some baby food! I've only done this a few times, not posting it cause i'm a pro or anything, mainly just because I was proud of myself :)

Today I did sweet potatoes! I have watched some video's on making baby food and most just boiled the vegetable, or fruit, and then purred it in a blender or food processor. For some reason one that I watched baked their potatoes though… I don't get why so I just peeled, chopped and boiled them as well. Then I blended them in my ninja along with the now nutrient filled water.

Little Row was my big helper :) 

 It purred really well. The green beans that I did I wasn't able to get this nice texture but they may not have cooked long enough. You can also steam your produce. Anyway, after getting this nice sweet potato pure I poorer them into an ice cube tray, freezed and bagged!

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