Thursday, June 19, 2014

Reward Myself!

I've set some new goals from where i'm currently at, I've bounced around too much over the last few weeks so I decided to just set my goal rewards from where I currently am. I still have the go see Maleficent after losing 10 lbs from my current weight goal reward… ah here she is.. :) 

And! I thought of something I really really want and almost purchased for myself today before I realized… I didn't really deserve it haha so I decided a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag satchel would be my -25 lbs from my starting weight prize! Isn't it lovely? I don't know why these make me drool but… just look at it! I'm so tired of hauling my no shape army bag that I  can't put in the wash and purse everywhere.  The army bag is very sentimental, my mom made it for me from Danny's pants while he was deployed, but, its looking a little worse for wear and the velcro ruins a lot of my clothing by snagging them. I'm actually excited to work towards getting one! I hope this will help me stay motivated. I printed off a picture of it with my goal weight next to it and put it on my weight loss chart. :)  I've been thinking about making Saturday mornings  kind of a ritual of weighting instead of every day. But I think I need one in the middle of the week too to keep me honest. Meh.

I am really loving overnight oats. But I can't figure out how to get the calories down while still getting in protein, healthy fat, whole grains and a fruit for breakfast. And still have it be edible. The problem with my favorite Peanut Butter Cookie Overnight Oats is the peanut butter… SO many calories AH!

But just look…

Lovely & delicious. 

I did Zumba again today… after trying to put Rowan down for a nap so there was a lot of back and forth because he decided he wasn't quite ready to go down. Then he laughed at me and pulled my glasses off while I tried to do some toning on the floor to cool down.  I got the steps better this time but still pooped out a few min before the end.  I need to go back to the beginners DVD and learn the moves. I also pinned lots of workouts for the obese on Pinterest. Don't judge. Haha  I own this huge DVD set of Zumba. I am finally realizing that if I really really want this i'll do it, despite all of the obstacles. And… that it's less about weight and food than it is emotional wellness, or un-wellness that manifests itself in twinkles. Well, I don't really eat twinkles but you get the idea.

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