Tuesday, June 24, 2014

One Stumble at a Time

I'm learning so much about myself. In the past my weight loss efforts have been sporadic and extreme. Now, as I try to truly find the balance in living life in a healthy way I discover that there's a lot of up and down, trial and error, and small improvements along the way. Not being obsessed with being perfect in my dieting and calorie counting every day and switching my mindset has been a challenge but i'm progressing. Yesterday I ate well, tracked my calories and then … we wen't to Moe's for dinner.  I learned a few things. If i'd just eaten my chicken whole wheat tortilla burrito I would have still stayed within  my daily cal amount, even if i'd had queso I would have barely been over.. it was the fried corn chips that were the problem. I went home, looked up how many calories i'd ingested and just about died documenting the 800 calorie chips in my food journal. But,  I said well- I learned 2 things.  1- I need to google the calorie's of foods BEFORE I eat them and 2- Now I know. Now I know what i'm doing to my body when I eat them and next time I will do better. Mistakes are learning opportunities and I learned. Now, back to the perfection mentality; last night after discovering how badly i'd bombed and decided to make it a positive learning experience I still had that little voice in my head saying "Hey you totally screwed up this day. Epic fail. This day was a fail. So lets go indulge in something yummy and start over tomorrow!"

But there is no "Starting over." There is only today, and tomorrow's body reflecting all of my yesterday's decisions. There's only today and now.

Another thing i'm coming to realize is that no matter how many obstacles are in my way to being healthy… if I truly want to eat well and exercise i'll find a way. Anyone can come up with dozen's of real reasons (obstacles) that make it difficult to live healthily but if we're truly determined we'll find a way to do all we can do.  Whether that's spending more money on healthy foods and cutting money elsewhere or getting outside to exercise even though you have terrible allergies that make you ill. If I want to i'll find a way.

I am working on changing how I view food as well.  The more I learn about nutrition and calories the more I see food as fuel and nutrients.

I watched Forks over Knives and Veducated last night.  It was interesting to see how much research showed that animal products promoted cancer growth. I came to the conclusion that  we should try to follow the word of wisdom more honestly in relation to how much meat we eat. The scriptures say meat is for men but that we're to be grateful and kind to God's creatures and to eat meat sparingly. Veducated's footage of what's done to animals in slaughter houses and on mass producing farms was truly disgusting. But knowing that we are supposed to eat meat i'm not sure what to do with that information. I think when we are able to we will make more of an effort to purchase meats from local butchers and buy eggs from local farmers. It's truly disturbing and I support all laws that are in place to ensure humane methods of slaughter. Our society has little respect for life, no matter how small. Animal or human in it's early stages. I hope that the more people become aware of this problem the more likely the humane law's will be enforced.

This past week we tried a few new foods. Tofu Taco's was on the list for a vegetarian dinner. I've neve eaten tofu… So I  did my research and purchased, pressed and prepped our tofu for taco's. It was disgusting. I hated the texture and will NOT be eating that again anytime soon. Ever.

I made Italian turkey burger meatballs and marinara sauce over spaghetti squash for sunday's dinner.  I had been nervous to try this one since i'm not a huge fan of squash. It turned out AMAZING. I couldn't believe how yummy it was an wondered why I'd ever eaten regular spaghetti in the first place! Especially being pre-diabetic. The difference in calories was crazy. One cup of spaghetti has 220 cal and the squash had 31! Yeah! Awesome right?

One of my goals is to become part of that elite group of human's they call "runners." I've read a lot of material on how to get started and am working towards it. Today I added short sprints! And almost died. But, I didn't die, and plan doing that 3x a week. One stumble at a time. Huffin' and Puffin'. Red faced and sweaty. YES. 

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