Friday, July 13, 2012

3 Month Anniversary Surprise!

  For some reason we made a big deal out of our three month anniversary.... I think we felt like it was more of an accomplishment! Haha.  But really.  So I put together a romantic candle lit living room pic-nic surprise! Then I did some research on the Dating Diva's website and found a fun game to play. The game I found involved different flavors of chap stick and kisses xoxox  : D

 Then I got to work cooking and setting up our pic nic!  First I took some Hershey's kisses and pulled out all of the logo strips and wrote my own messages on thin strips of paper and re-wrapped them in the foil....

Then I made a little trail of the special kisses from the door to the living room where the pic-nic would be...

  .....and found some candles...... :)

Then I set up the pic-nic! We had a chicken cabbage salad for dinner and I made a chocolate sour cream cake from scratch for dessert!  Mostly just because we lost the lid to the sour cream tub... isn't that ROMANTIC? haha

So want to know what happened? I lit the candles a few minutes before I KNEW he would get home, he gets off at six thirty, gets home at seven. So I waited,

                                                                                   and waited,
                                                                                                                        and waiiiited

He got home super late and there was wax dripping everywhere!!!! I kept running around putting plastic under the  candles so that they would still look pretty! By the time he got home some were barely still burning anything and there was wax all over the carpet :) anyway, it's the thought that counts! Danny was out getting me chocolate that's why he was so late :) It was really nice, we had a great time.

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