Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Employment Update/Schooling

I have left a few messages with the HR woman at Head Start this week.  No luck! Tomorrow will be a week since in terviewe4d with them and the job I want the most from USAJOBS just closed a couple of days ago.  I haven't heard ANYTHING from ANY of the positions I applied for through USAJOBS... :(  Someone told me this may be a good sign as their hiring process is very long and you hear sooner if you're weeded out that you don't have a shot where the people who are still in the running may not hear for a while.  I don't know. ..maybe they were just trying to make me feel better.  I should really start looking for more teaching positions or paraprofessional positions before school starts.  People just don't return your messages or respond to things here. It's really frustrating.  So today at JJ I began bread cutting! That's right folks I am now allowed to slice a piece of french bread and put mayo on it.  I was congratulated on my efforts and told I may soon get a raise once i had that mastered.  GO ME lol.  Funny thing is.... I get really really nervous there sometimes.  Especially if people are watching me or I can tell they don't like me.  Or- starting something new.  Today was all three and I was a mess.  The reason I am able to do the leader job is because I know the sandwiches well.  But I forgot everything when I was trying to do bread cutter! Hopefully I will relax soon, get nice and fast at mayoing that bread without a single dry bite and GET THAT RAISE!!
      On another note, Danny has been looking into schools to get his bachelors  He will most likely do something computer related for his bachelors (he has an associates in automotive but not much transfers over) and then get a masters in something intelligence related.  I couldn't believe it didn't matter what his bachelors was in to go into a masters in intelligence! Just as long as he HAS one.  So I started poking around online and what I could do at the masters level with my degree a degree.  Nothing really caught my eye and I know Danny's education is priority right now.  I felt impressed to pursue speech pathology.  But that prompting was so long ago and so much has changed and no opportunity has really presented itself for funding because it would require makeup courses equivalent to a second bachelors.  I still wanted to put with everything that has gone on in my life in the last two years it went on the back burner.  I was beginning to wonder if it was still the path I should choose and if so WHEN?  Today I had the first confirmed to me.  A woman came into the shop today who was very quiet.  She did not respond to our greetings, or a co workers attempt to answer any questions.  She studied the menu for a very long time.  Finally she made a motion that indicated she needed something to write with and on.  My manager was at the register ( was cutting bread yay).  She was writing questions and my manager kept responding verbally to everything she tried to ask/find out.  Finally I stepped in and wrote down the answer she was seeking and motioned towards each item I had listed.  Understanding lit her face, I gave her a thumbs up, she nodded and then I made her sandwich.  Again, I felt the impression that I need to pursue speech pathology.  Some who seek such services may be partially def.  Although this is not related to the deaf specifically like deaf education or learning to sign I had that impression.  Anyway, I'm not sure when I will be able to do this or what life will bring but I just wanted to share my thoughts. 


  1. Just have to say you are amazing :) Don't stress to much? The best job just hasn't presented itself yet! I worked at Jamba! No shame in Yummy Fast Food :) I totally had a hard time when we first got married, and sent in TONS of resumes, it was SO discouraging, and the job I got was a temp job! That eventually turned into a super amazing opportunity, anyway, it will work out perfectly :) ♥

  2. Dear Tracy,
    No, YOU'RE amazing! :D Thank you, I read that the day I was offered a position with Head Start :)