Friday, July 13, 2012

Would You Jehovah

Would You Jehovah

Would I know you? If you called my name?
Would you, my God, withdraw in shame?
For a daughter not knowing her masters voice?
Would I have lived to make the right choice?
Would my time on earth have been spent well?
Would my heart have changed from the day I fell?
Would the blood spilt for me have been worth or not?
Would the soul it purchased be worth being bought?
If I knew you and cried, kissing your feet
Praying in love that we would one day meet
Would you let me thrust my hand into your side
And see your Godly face, free of man’s pride?
Would you tell me the stories of your walk on land?
Would you let me feel the nail prints in your hand?
Would you present me to the father with joy and pride?
Glad to have me seated on your right side?
Where I could give glory forever more
To you, Jehovah, whom I adore

Megan Nichole Shipton

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