Friday, July 13, 2012


      Hi everyone! I just wanted to give you a little update on how we are doing!  We are getting used to GA even though it's "stupid hot."  We will have been here for 4 months soon and are coming up on our 4 month anniversary!  We both  cannot believe how happy we are and how perfect we are for each other, we are very, very blessed. 

      Decorating the apartment has been a work in progress as we have the money.  Here are some pics, it's not quite done yet :)

Here's my sweet Danny reading his sciptures! He has a thing for candles..? So we have a huge candle as our centeripeice.  I later got some decorative balls to put around the base on the plate as well as a blue and bamboo placemat underneath.  I LOVE our Blue RUG! It was a great deal and amazing quality. rugsusa.com, I highly reccomend it! I was worried about ordering one but I love it.

Here's my latest pinterest project! it's a wreath  from antique book pages. Love it! So much fun, inexpensive, and easy. Most of our decor has been on a budget. Well, basically all of it. But it can be done! I got the decorative balls on sale for 50% off. The candle we used a 40% Coupon on. The Side tables we used a spend 50 get ten off coupon on when they were only 25 to begin with.  The rug was in clearance and that blue mat I found at the dollar store!

  I HATE the entertainment center. Oh well :) I plan on finding some way to hide all of the gadgets with woven baskets or something.  I still want to do something with the side table, a couple lamps maybe I just haven't found the right ones.  All of our white furniture pieces we found at The Christmas Tree Shop.  We still need frames too....

 Here's a better pick of the curtains.  They are a woven looking brown, blue and cream paisley pattern from Target
Entry And kitchen table complete with army uniform jacket.

 This is our bed and night stands. We have matching dresser drawers. I will have to put up a better photo, I know have side lamps with golden shades and a canvas hung above with the Idaho Falls temple on it as well as some other decor... We had to put away our nice comforter for the summer because it was  too hot.  That's why I haven't taken a pic.

Well this is home so far!

After posting all of these I REALLY wanted lamps for the end tables.  Look what I found! There were only two, aren't they perfect? :) 

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