Saturday, March 9, 2013

Keepin' On

Things have been going pretty good.  I'm now 28 weeks pregnant and my tummy is getting HUGER haha! Danny laughed last time he saw me (full body) on skype... he said it was because it reminded him of while we were dating and how i'd do a little cheerleader type jump every day like "Ta da.. this is me today..." buuuut, I wasn't convinced :P
So being apart is really hard. It's difficult to set up a life with someone and just not have any of that anymore.  I miss everything about our life together, from cooking meals together to bedtime prayers together, holding hands everywhere we went, doing his laundry, having him take care of me, kissing him when he comes home from work every day and making him feel better to even just our things. I am so blessed to be around my family and friends but also struggle with feeling like I did in highschool/early college days by being in the same situations etc. It's just part of the situation.  I am so grateful to everyone who has reached out to me- I have felt so supported and loved by all of you.  To those of you who have been so supportive and really been there thank you :) I know you all have lives and jobs and kids and are busy busy women! I appreciate your friendship.  My parents ward is very kind, they always ask how i'm doing and one woman even asked me Danny's first name so she could pray for him, she said she had been calling him "Megan's husband" and wanted to know his real name! How sweet! Thank you Sister Baird.  Thank you for remembering my sweetheart! Everyone has been really nice at church I just struggle with having my own identity there instead of being "The Shipton girl".  For some reason Sundays are really really difficult! I think it may just be because we just got to be with one another all day on Sunday's.  Sitting next to one another at church and sharing our thoughts about the meetings was something we really enjoyed.
The pregnancy is going well.  I was really sick for about 6 weeks! It just kept getting worse and worse! I'm finally feeling better after getting an antibiotic and am doing more and feeling so much better. I hated going that route but, it was getting kind of bad! lol anyway, I also am still struggling with frequent bladder flare ups :( .  seems like there's always something!  I have an appointment this week and hope I will be seeing our little Rowan on the ultrasound, he's been moving so much and I just hope and pray he is developing as he should and that he will come while Danny is here on leave.  I have been posting all of my little baby purchases on Facebook, i'm so excited to meet our son.  I can't wait for Danny to see his son and hope we will get to experience his first moments in the world together.  I am using a natural method for birthing and preparing myself for it through HypnoBirthing.  YES I am delivering in a hospital, YES I also have a doctor, NO I am not having him in water...... it's not as crazy as you may feel like it is haha, it's learning how the body functions under stress and allowing it to do what it was made to do by staying relaxed.  I attended the classes and had a great experience there, have read the book a few times and am practicing my hypnosis scripts, breathing, and positive affirmations daily.  In the end I feel confident that I will be able to take what comes my way calmly and am hopeful for a beautiful birth. If I choose to be induced because Danny has to go back and we have no baby yet.. then I will! It just depends on what happens but I plan on playing an active role in my birth and approaching that day with calmness and excitement instead of stress and fear.

Danny has been doing great.  He is learning so much and doing such a great job.  I love him dearly and am so proud of him.  It makes me so happy to see him on Skype and love when we can laugh and enjoy one another's company from across the world and feel connected.  I received an awesome email this week from Danny's SGT over his battalion praising what he's doing.  It brought tears to my eyes! I am so happy that if we have to be away from one another, its nice to know how well he is doing. I was so grateful for those words.  Danny finally found the church services there last week and was very happy to attend.  He's been working out! Almost every day... lifting and stuff, he's looking good :D Well, I think he looked good before but he's just looking better and better.  I wish I had more to report on his day to day... but I don't know much more.  We just miss each other.  :( Some days I feel heavy, some moments I feel so so sad and alone and then others i'm surprised by how well I am doing on my own.  I'm so grateful I have his leave and the birth of our little son to look forward to. Thinking of not seeing him for the entirety of the 9 months is devastating to me.  Having our baby to prepare for has helped to pass the time! He's going to be so spoiled and loved! Honestly most days I am just so full of gratitude for having such a wonderful husband who loves and cares for me so much really makes it all worth while.  I guess he's pretty vocal about me, and us in the workplace already haha! He was telling me one day how some guys were having a discussion about something relationship related, one turned to him and was about to ask his opinion on the subject when the other guy interrupted with "Psh, don't ask Tracy, he's like madly in love with his wife!" haha well, I'd like to know what they heard to know that! He said one time they were talking about how nice it is to be married, one guy said basically that it's sex whenever you want, Danny said "No, it's coming home to a nice, clean house, dinner on the table, and someone who loves you so much and is just as happy to see you as you are to see them!" .... It wasn't always like that, especially after we were pregnant but I was still happy to hear his input! :)  Anyway, that's my Danny :)  I'll have to do a couple of posts about baby purchases/projects as well as the packages i've sent Danny so far. Just thought i'd share how things were going. Again if anyone want's to email Danny let me know and i'll get you his address. He may not respond, most of his emails don't go through for some reason but he's still happy to get them.


  1. Megan!
    I still love your blog and check it at least once a week! It's good to hear things are going so well with your pregnancy, and for Danny too! Just wanted to let you know I think about you guys often and pray for you during your separation! You are awesome.

  2. Thank you so much Lindsey, I really appreciate it! You are on my list of "people i want to see in Utah" haha but now that i'm in the third tri don't think i will be traveling :( Let me know if you make it over hear sometime! Hope you're loving being married!