Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rowan's Quilt in Progress- it's DONE! :D

Here are the fabrics I chose for his quilt, I chose a Chevron style quilt pattern.....

Here are all of his blocks lain out, above, then the rows stacked.

Then the rows sewn together...

Here is his blue bubble minky back...

Here's the top all sewn together, minus the boarders, plus my socks XD haha I had ironed and starched it really well but it has been wrinkled since, sorry. 

I'll be posting the finished product when I have it! 

Because I am doing the back in minky and we are planning on quilting it on the regular sewing machine without a walking foot we had to glue each layer together using spray glue so that the cotton and minky would travel through the machine at the same time.

Here's mom helping me spray down the opposite side of minky. 

haha couldn't resist getting my giant belly shadow in it :D

And now the finished product!!!! THANKS MOM!

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