Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More Tests/Results

I saw my sinus surgeon a week ago, just to have him check on the surgery he'd done a year ago, and I also had infection up there.  I mentioned to him the heart problem I have and how the baby doc's had just basically told me to watch out for the signs of heart failure... I wanted to know his opinion as a professional if i should be looked at.  Personally I felt like there should be some kind of step between now and heart failure? Right? Intervention? Medication? Not having to worry cause it looks fine?! He agreed and immediately referred me to a cardiologist.  I saw the cardiologist Monday, he was such a funny guy and referred to himself as a "Pollyanna" for his unfailing optimism... lol (mind you he was a 50 something, overweight, scraggly looking grey haired guy... as a Pollyanna).  They did an EKG, and he discussed with me what kinds of risks I could have... turns out it's not only excess blood volume during pregnancy but also labor itself that could be strenuous on my heart. He said most all women he has treated with some kind of heart condition while pregnant have been fine, but that he hadn't treated any for a year and would have to do some research on my specific problem.  He also wanted to check for 2 things (he used the technical term and I didn't have time to write them down) and I went in the next day for an ECO.   If labor would prove too strenuous for my heart he would suggest a c-section.  It just all depends on what the results of the test show.  I should get them tomorrow or friday.  Whatever the outcome, i'm glad I went to prepare my  birth team for whatever risks might come up. The doctor will also be able to make an informed suggestion on whether or not it will be safe to have more children.  I confess I am worried.  I had finally gotten used to the idea of birthing on my own if I went into labor without Danny being here, and this adds a whole new dimension of worry.  We'll just see what they say.  I also have been in terrible pain almost constantly from my bladder condition :( , I hope to see a urologist soon... oh goodness. All of this medical stuff feels as though it's turned into a full time job minus the pay! Sometimes I feel like a crazy person.  Its been a rough week, I miss Danny so much and just need him.  People keep telling me that i'm strong...and they don't know how I do it, I... don't feel strong, some days I feel like i'm barely doing it.  Anyway, not looking for pity here, i'm just worried and sleeping very little because of it and pain lol, thought maybe if I go some of it out there I could maybe sleep? Danny received our anniversary package today :) he said he'd had a crap day and that it made things a lot better, first thing he mentioned that he liked was that little vintage car onsie I sent :) he said it made things more real for him and that everyone said "Ahhhhhhhh!" when he pulled it out!  It made me happy to see him happy.  Hopefully i'll update results tomorrow or the next day and they'll be good news...

RESULTS UPDATE: The nurse just called (Friday) she said it was pumping fine but that there is some minor aortic stenosis. (Narrowing or buildup of the aortic valve.) He said I was ok to proceed with the birth, I will just have to have my heart checked every now and then for it worsening.  He's going to see me again just before the baby is due. From what I understand after reading the link below they just monitor it up until IF the point of the risk of heart surgery outweighs the risk of not having it done.
  For more info: http://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/tc/aortic-valve-stenosis-overview

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