Thursday, January 24, 2013

1/2 Point Ultrasound

Wow, what a day.  Spent the morning trying to figure out why I hadn't heard from the Hospital in GA about the cystic fibrosis results, I got an angry call from a nurse informing me that it was because the doctor was out of town.  She claimed to have told me this before... not true, I wouldn't have been waiting around by the phone if I knew that lady! ;p

This ultrasound was the 1/2 way one during the pregnancy where they look at all of his little organs and parts and make sure he's developing normally.  He had his little hands and arms up by his face so I couldn't see his face though...and he never moved them away!  After the ultrasound tech finished a doc looked at the photo's and came in to talk to me. He said the baby's cord is a two vessel cord instead of a three/ he has a single umbilical artery instead of two arteries. This happens in about 1% of pregnancy's. The doctor called it a "soft defect marker" :( He then proceeded to tell me that there were NO other signs of defects, specifically he's right where he should be growth wise and his heart and kidney's look good.The Doc also said that it will be easier for the cord to get wrapped around things or pinched in the womb in the third trimester just because it's smaller. He told me not to worry but said they'd keep a closer watch of him. Needless to say.... I'd had nightmares all night about the cystic fibrosis results and now i'm worried about this too... after that the doc told me that me having a minor heart problem (bicuspid aortic valve disease) can cause problems during pregnancy because of the increased blood volume.  Specifically heart failure.. so he told me what to look out for.  Then  I had my blood drawn to be tested for defects (routine in pregnancy if you choose to have it,  I did in light of recent information.)

  I'm not much worried about me as I am our little baby boy.  Danny did some research and felt pretty confident that the baby would be fine because everything else on his ultrasound looked fine, he had no other markers of any defects. I on the other hand am the worrying pregnant mommy.... :-{  I so wish Danny were here today. It was hard to call him and tell him that information, even if it turns out to be nothing.  I'd just sent him some of the shots from the ultrasound and he'd said "Our baby Rowan is going to be beast!"  Then I call and am like "well, he has a soft defect marker.."  Sigh, I just hope and pray everything turns out just fine and we get a perfectly healthy little baby boy.

Danny has been gone for a week now.  I miss him so much.  Especially on days like today! I find that when without him I have a bad day if I were with him i'd have only a bad moment... if that makes sense.  I'm realizing how much better we both handle things when we're together.  Stress, financial struggles, worrying about things... we just pick each other up, help one another gain perspective or recognize when one another just need a hug.  He received his orders the other day and it looks like he WILL get leave!!!  I hope everything turns out so that he can be here when Rowan comes! I know that heavenly father loves us and loves families so I just hope we can be together as a family for that special moment!

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