Sunday, January 20, 2013

Random Updates

photo.JPGIt has been SO COLD here in Idaho! All you peeps posting things about how warm it is in GA or wherever you are are making me crazy! Haha it's been well below zero basically the whole time I've been here. I remember one afternoon while Danny was still here it got up to five degrees and we were like.. wow, this is nice! My siblings had school canceled one day because it was so cold!  And I think they had a snow day the day I arrived...

 Here's a little shot of my parents house!

Things have been boring.  And i'm sick so I don't feel like doing much anyway.  I have been organizing the baby things and found some fabric at Joanne's I want to use for the baby's quilt! I think I am going to do an elephant theme, so cute!  I won't get to do a whole lot of themed things while i'm here... I don't have a room for the baby.  All of his little things are with me in my old bedroom, we're pretty crowded.  I'd like to put together a nursery for him when we get back to Augusta though, we'll see!

Here's the elephant fabric I found. (Yeah.. it's sideways)  Still trying to decide what i'll pair with it. It's funny colors, tangerine, grey, and two shades of teal.  Kind of hard to match but we'll figure it out.  I think I want to do a T patterned quilt.  Something like the photo below...

Love these bright colors

Things have been both harder and easier than I thought they would be with Danny gone.  I'm just glad there are things to look forward to before he comes home.  Jacob comes home from his mission, Spencer's graduation, the baby... it's hard being back in my old bedroom, just like before I met Danny or while we were engaged. Feeling like i'm just waiting for the next year to pass so I can get on with my life.  That's a horrible thing to say, but it is how I feel sometimes.  Even to get a job.... I am having a baby in like 4 months, I still struggle with morning sickness and I doubt I will want to be on my feet for hours at a time and I will be at home with our baby when he comes so I just don't see the point in that. I hope to get busy making things or doing family history or something....maybe going to birthing classes? Visiting friends? It really has been nice to be around people all day though.  It was just Danny and I in Georgia... weeks sometimes went by without me even seeing anyone else.  I was alone a lot while he was a work so it has been really nice to have my family and friends around.

We have been discussing names again.  I just didn't feel like Daniel/Danny fit this little baby i'm carrying.  If I thought about "baby Daniel" it just didn't work for some reason. I don't know.  Danny is hard to discuss names with, he doesn't like hardly any.  So it gets frustrating to just hear "no, no, no, no..." when I show him a list of names I like.  We both loved the girl name we had picked out so much! We just want to love whatever we choose for this little baby boy and to feel like it's "him." Right now we're thinking about Rowan.  Rowan Chase or Rowan Daniel.  Danny had a friend pass away when he was about 14 named Chase in a rafting accident.  I think Chase followed  by  Tracy is kind of hard to say- Rowan Chase Tracy, but we're still thinking about both.  Annnnd any others....I can get him to consider...  yeahhhh :D

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