Friday, January 18, 2013

Back in Idaho/Goodbye Danny :(

The trip to Idaho was a rough one.  We were going to have to pay for a storage unit, as well as to park Danny's truck and trailer....we had planned on purchasing a twin bed for me when we got to Idaho but decided to just bring the trailer and park it on my parents land and haul the bed! Win win right?  We got a storage unit big enough to fit the truck inside of as well as all of our things to save money, thought we were set! Turns out that trailer REALLY cut down our gas mileage.  We couldn't go faster than 55 mph the whole way! We were getting 15 mpg when it was GOOD and 6 at the worst.  At one point after driving 15 hours and only getting 6 mpg, me crying and no more money (because gas has cost us 2x plus as much as we accounted for) we ditched the stupid thing 2 hrs away from Farmington New Mexico! Danny had to go back and get it later.  We stayed in Farmington for a few days and left Thursday morning for Idaho.... but the weather hit and we got stuck in Logan! Still with it taking us about 2x longer than it would have without a trailer! But we got here, safe and sound and that's all that matters.
 Here's a pic I took from the car while we crossed the Mississippi River,
 Danny woke me up so I could see it haha

While Danny was here we ran some errands in Idaho Falls, did a little shopping for baby, spent some time with friends and family, I showed Danny around BYU-I and we got to attend the temple while he was here too.  Then he left yesterday, Thursday the 17 (our 10 month anniversary) for SLC to catch a plane back to GA.  One day down. Roughly 264 days to go.  I miss him already, just trying to focus on preparing for our little baby boy's arrival. I feel like I'm doing ok but when I see him on skype or talk to him on the phone or go to bed alone my heart aches. I can't really grasp how long we will actually be apart ( basically the same amount of time as we have been married) or it breaks my heart! Anyway.... all of you Idaho friends, come hang out! :)

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