Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Good News!

We got some good news today! Well, let me back up.  I called the Hospital and asked when the Doc would be back to give us our test results for finding out if Danny was also a carrier for cystic fibrosis; I found out he wasn't going to be back for ANOTHER week! I told Danny and he called and got SASSY lol we could not understand why another doctor couldn't just look at us and tell us!  So he called and left a threatening message, next thing you know a doc had looked at and he was NEGATIVE! Yay what a relief!  Oh my gosh I can breath so much easier!!!!

So my friend Emily lent me her Hypnobirthing book and i've been reading that, i'm about 1/3 of the way through, just absorbing all of the new ideas in it and thinking about the things that would hold me back from having a calm, wonderful birth.  Thinking about taking the class, and still thinking about my birth plan.  Not knowing if Danny will get to be there for the actual birth is still throwing me off! At least i'm not super fearful of pain, that's good! I have plenty of other ideals about things I need to work through. :)

Update 2/12/13 More Good News
I had the quad screen and everything came back negative!!! Because the two vessel chord thing was said to be a "soft defect marker" i'm so grateful that the quad screen looks good. :) 

I am feeling the baby every day now! Since Sunday, so glad! :)


  1. YAY for "sassy" husbands at the right time! (it's kind of sexy, too! (when Justin shows who and who is boss) hahah).
    SO the baby doesn't have cystic fibrosis or Danny doesn't? Was a little confused.

    Hypnobirthing. I LOVED the book and soaked up all the ideas. It makes perfect sense! Labor. I LOVED IT!! Hope you do too!!

  2. Sorry, it was written out more clearly in previous posts. Danny is not a carrier, so baby is safe. I am. Because Danny is not there is no risk of our child having the disease.