Friday, January 18, 2013


Gah!  I wrote this post a few days ago then started messing with the pics before I published it and suddenly the whole post disappeared! So here we go again!

Here's a picture of our very very obvious little man!  The doctor wasn't able to see his gender the week before (I don't know why...) so we ended up paying to see him again at a fetal imaging place.  It was 90$ :( but I just wanted Danny to be able to see what the sex was before he left! As soon as the tech saw him on the screen she said "Oh, pretty active must be a boy." Then a few min later sure enough it was very obvious he was a little man. We got a little video of him that's about 30 min long.  It was really awesome for us to see our little man moving around! We were so sure it was a girl it was quite a surprise for us to find out it was a boy. it made me feel pretty non-intuitive for sure! Even now a couple weeks and a lot of boy clothes later i'm still wrapping my brain around it!

To tell our families we had them all gather around the computer and get on skype and held up this little picture.  I put the baseball cap on so that even though the photo would be too hard to see the sex from the skype camera it would give them a clue!

I have been trying to call the hospital to find out of Danny's test as a carrier for cystic fibrosis came back (I was positive) but because it's Martin Luther King weekend they weren't in their offices.

We were able to get a lot of baby boy clothes from Danny's mom as well as a cradle and a few other items so that was really nice.  We also had a 100$ gift card from his Dad that we got for Christmas so we were able to go do some baby shopping together, it was so fun! A lot of the clothes were on clearance so we were able to stretch it! I got a little baby compartment organizer too that was 11$ on clearance that is going to be nice for me in this cramped space. WE also bought our  first package of diapers together... I couldn't help it! Danny just looked so adorable browsing the baby diapers section. :) I hope our little man is just like him.   Danny's mom also gave me a box of clothes and blankets that had belonged to Danny as a baby and his Dad as a baby too! So that was really neat to have.

We haven't decided on a name.  We were thinking Daniel_____Tracy but when I think "baby Daniel" it just doesn't seem to fit.  I like Lucas Daniel Tracy  but Danny isn't a fan.  So we'll keep looking.... he's just so picky! I think we will probably do Daniel as the middle name.

Oh! I almost forgot but I think* I may have felt him move for the first time the other day! :D So exciting! I'm not sure but... I think so!  I will know as I start feeling them more! 

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