Monday, October 7, 2013

4 Month Shots & Checkup

Today Rowan is 4 months and two weeks old.  I took him to Idaho Falls Pediatrics today for his 4 month vaccines and checkup! Awwww poor little bubba. Last time he had shots one of the syringes broke off of the needle while the nurse was injecting it :(.  Kind of upsetting.  She wasn't even sure how much he actually got. I checked with a few doctors though and I guess its ok to re-vaccinate.  So because they get that one at 3 and 4 months anyway he will also get it again at 6 months.

So as you can see by his little sticker he was weighed and measured... he grew 2.5 inches and gained almost 3 lbs. He's only in the 30th percentile for his head measurement and weight (hard to believe with how chubby he is!) and he's in the 55th for height! I always assume he's going to be bigger... but no :)  The doc said his growth had kinda slowed some. But that he's still looking good and healthy and in the normal ranges. I always thought i'd have big babies haha, but Danny's exactly the average height for males so maybe he's following more after his Daddy's side of the family. 

It's so fun to see what the pediatricians say about your kids. Because you know they see so many all day when they say "You are about as happy as a baby could be!" or "Wow, what a personality he's so vocal, he looks great." or "He's so strong!" and "You are probably the cutest baby i've seen today!" and  the other day at the community care I think the doctor got a little baby hungry when he saw Rowan :) He said he made him want to have another! haha  So that's always fun, you feel like you get a mommy award :) After the doc checked him out the nurse came in and gave Row Row his shots :.( so sad. He cried his silent ouch cry then his loud crocodile tears ouch cry. Sweet baby.  Haha note to self though.... those stickers STICk! Super hard to get off of his tender skin! 

 So look what I bought today.....

Yup! 50$ worth of BABY food!!! Little Rowan LOVES food... he's so funny. If you saw my post of him throwing a fit at dinner because everyone else was eating and how I gave in.. i've totally rolled with it and he is loving it. I can't believe how much he eats! He never was a big eater on the bottle but wow, he loves food! Anyway :) It's been so fun! He's really going to chunk up :) 

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