Monday, October 28, 2013

From Flab to Fab - The Plan

I have been thinking so much lately about how I want to approach losing weight and getting healthy, It's a topic of conversation for Danny and I almost daily.  I'm starting to finally feel committed and motivated as we get pumped to start this journey together.  As a way to be accountable to myself and all of you i've made the decision to blog my experience! Lucky you readers lol! I plan on making entries weekly entitled from Flab to Fab Week 1,2,3 and so on, and maybe extra ones here and there if i'm feeling extra motivated/frustrated/thoughtful/whatever.  I'm going to start hashing out our "plan" in this blog post, subject to change!

After doing a little BMI to body type research I concluded that i'm about 100 lbs overweight. (Shocker. Not.) Can I just say how devastating and overwhelming that reality is!? I am overwhelmed and daunted by the task of losing 100 lbs so I think I will do it in phases. I think this is a good idea because the closer you get to your goal the harder it is to lose, so I think setting do-able goals in shorter phases and then making new goals later based on where i'm at is a good plan.

Phase one Goal: Lose 50 lbs (over 6 months) 

        Monthly Goal: Lose 10 lbs a month

                     Weekly Goal: Lose 2.5 lbs a week
                       (yes I know how to do math... sometimes, I'm just giving myself a  little leeway) 

We are not planning on counting calories.  We ARE going to be eating proper portions, 3 meals a day, two snacks. We plan on including nutrient rich, clean foods to our diet. Low carb, and NO sugar for a while. I'm a sugar addict. This is going to be the hardest part! I plan on learning how to cook differently with nutrient rich, protein packed, whole grain foods. It's important to me that we pay attention to actual hunger cues and stop when we are full.   I have been pinning like crazy healthy recipes that look... but i'm really out of my comfort zone and Danny and I are both very picky about veggies! So, if you have healthy recipes you can send my way feel free! I want to learn how to do this for life and part of making it work is having options and not getting board with what we are eating.  We plan on doing some kind of detox to start out and supplementing with some natural herbal antioxidant .. stuff. :) 

 I think we will be weighting weekly and measuring monthly. It's important for me to not be weighing daily, I get too crazy. 

Exercise. AHHHH!!!! o.O   I'm so out of shape this literally scares me. And i'm embarrassed of gyms to the point of anxiety.... BUT I am going to exercise. I want to do cardio and tone. I want to see a personal trainer an couple of times a week and Danny is going to help me too. Maybe bikes, we are working on what exactly we will do still. 



  1. I'm excited for your journey, Megan! And I'll look forward to your weekly updates. You can so do this!! And have a support group will help even more. :-D

  2. I might steal this idea and do it on my blog too. I have a solid 40 lbs to lose, and even after a year of cleaning up our diet and working out and being more active, I haven't seen any results. So Frustrating. I feel like I need to do something drastic.