Thursday, October 3, 2013

Row Row's First Halloween Costume

Rowan has a brown and blue owl hat and owl leggies.  After looking at how expensive costumes were onine and knowing I'd never put him in the owl leggies for everyday clothes.. too girly, and he gets mistaken for a girl every time he wears leggies no matter how boyish what he's wearing.  So I decided to make him an owl costume he could wear his leggies and hat with. :) I did a little bit of research online and got some ideas....

Here is my feather pattern.  I just made sure to fold my piece of paper in half so that it would be symmetrical before cutting it out, easy peasy. It's only about 2 inches across and maybe 3.5 inches high. Don't quote me on that.

I wanted a plain brown onesie to build his costume on.  This is what I found... yaaaaay Grandma lol His leggies have orange on them anyway so I figured it would have to do! 

I cut out stacks of felt "feathers" with my little pattern.  Then I ran them all through the sewing machine in brown, right down the middle to give them that vein feather look. Next I laid them all out on my onsie how I wanted them. The dumb thing I didn't do was to PIN them where I wanted them.  So when I went to sew them on I got my rows and positioning all dorked up.. now there are browns and blues right below one another and the feathers are a liiiittle off to the side. Oops :)  This is also the result of me doing it too late at night after i'm too tired to be particular but still determined to finish! Because I was at my mom's house. Annnyway.....

After I got his feathers on the body (just stitching them right on with the machine across the top so they will flap still) I then cut out a wing shape.  I used my pattern to shape the tip, then each feather down along the wing edge, just tracing it and moving it around then up and rounded the top. If that makes any sense. Basically I just used it to draw my wing so it would be more uniform with the rest. Then I sewed feathers onto the wing piece and hot glued them to the sleeves.  Then I took neon green feathers and stuck them throughout the costume.  

Add his little hat and owl leggies... 


I couldn't get him to hold still to get one non blurry picture for anything haha 

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