Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I can dream can't I?

For a while Danny and I were looking into buying a home in Augusta. We figured it would be better to pay a mortgage on a home instead of continuing to throw money away on rent. Because of my pet allergies its really hard to find places to rent that either have all new carpet or hard wood flooring.  We got approved and started looking.. even though we had lots of good reasons though for doing it we started feeling like maybe the timing just wasn't right. I'm terrified of getting stuck in GA, we were going to rent out our home for twice the mortgage, but at this point we are thinking the timing just isn't right. Danny only has about 15 months left in the army and after that who knows where we will go. Even if he's offered his first contracting job in GA after he gets out we hope he'll get another somewhere else soon after. So sad day, no home ownership for a bit, but, I did come up with some ideas for decorating! I wanted to compile them somewhere.... so here are my dream room design ideas thus far- VERY subject to change :) note- some of these are just ideas from others pins...sorrrryyy

Rowan's Room



Aqua blue
Sage Green

Mom's quilt



Room's that Inspire:

I want to do chevron on one wall...
Or big stripes. Depends on when we get around to it and whats still in style.

This one is my fav <3

Chevron Rug


I love the idea of a solid world map, I also like the clean outline of animals on one of the room examples... and whatever else I can find! 



Hmm... I'm having trouble matching the colors to swatches to show you!!! Arrrg.


Olive Green

Shades of dusty teal

 I am also including light blue but... for some reason every swatch I found was a different color when I went to posting it :-/


Danny and I purchases a really nice expensive bed-set when we first got married.. and it has hardly been used because its TOO HOT!  My mom got me this cute coverlet for my birthday this year. I'm excited to do a room around it. 

Here is a closeup of the pattern and my gold pillow cases... the colors in this pic aren't true because I messed with in in Instagram.  The next photo, although ugly becaue it's in the plastic shows a teeny bit better what the true colors are.. eh, neither of them look too close still though.

Rooms that Inspire: 

I want this ivory ruffled onbre bed skirt :) 

We have gold lamp shades and dark brown furniture already

I want light dusty blue walls, maybe one a deeper dusty teal, or we could do just one wall colored in the green..:

And my fav rug!

I also think a cool snow white type gold mirror would be fun

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