Friday, July 25, 2014

!00% Whole Wheat Bread

I've been trying out a few different 100% whole wheat bread recipes lately.  My mom made bread while I was growing up but I think her recipe is 1/2 white and 1/2 wheat.  A good friend of mine had a recipe I enjoyed when I visited but when I tried it myself something seemed off! I kept having to add cups and cups of flour! Anyway never figured out what went wrong there…. maybe a mess up somewhere when giving me the recipe? I tried a few more random ones I found online but none were quite light enough for sandwiches or anything. I ran across some gluten on sale at Kroger (ALWAYS check the health food clearance section!) I found a recipe that called for gluten and it DID turn out better than the last but still… didn't quite hit the lightness I was hoping for.  Someone in the ward suggested a previous ward members bread recipe- she sent me the link last week and we're already on our second batch!

Here it is! Note, I usually half it. The portions end up kinda funny but it works fine. PS there are three tsp in a tablespoon so one of those measurements is going to be 1 T and a little less than a full tsp.  (on the yeast and lemon juice) I didn't realize on my first try that it was actually instant yeast (bread machine yeast) instead of active dry. But when I made my second batch with the right kind I couldn't tell a difference. I also let mine rise a little longer than she says. It turned out really great! I'm happy with this one and think i'll stick to it. It doesn't taste quite as rich to me right out of the oven but I think that's because it's so much lighter thanks to the gluten.  The center's weren't doughy either!  I got some local honey and hope to get my own wheat to  grind soon to make our next batch with! I don't know why that makes me so happy… haha little red hen-ing it up over har.


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