Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What's up?

Hi, It's been a little while. And usually that means i'm slacking off and have gained back those measly 4  pounds again. So what am I going to do about it?

I joined a dietbet! It's hosted by Heidi Powell from Extreme weight loss and the pot is HUGE.  Lose 4% of my starting weight in 4 weeks. How it works is you put in 30$ and then if you lose the 4% you get your money back PLUS get to split the money of those who did not reach their goal. We will be on vacation in Idaho during this time so i'm a little concerned it will be difficult but i'm also glad i'll have something to motivate me to keep my head on strait.  For me that's going to be about 3 lbs a week. Feel free to not do any math. So far I have one friend who is doing it with me! I'm going to try and start out at that point that I keep getting to so that I can move PAST it.

We did find and buy a used jogging stroller. We've only taken it out once because I got so sick  from allergies for the following like 3 days! I had promised myself i'd get out every other day but the allergies are still proving an obstacle. Even if I tell myself that if I want it i'll do it my athsma, itching burning eyes, sinus headaches, nausea and drowsiness say otherwise. Part of letting go of my all or nothing mentality is recognizing what doesn't work for my life at this point and still trying other things. The more I think about it and realize this is going to be a life long JOURNEY towards health the more I am able to make small improvements daily and not have lows.

More on that all or nothing perfection mentality. I was thinking about it while I did the dishes this morning and I came up with an analogy that put it in even better perspective. So my all or nothing mentality goes like this:

 I make cookies for some "event". I eat a couple more than I should. Not enough where eaten at said event. Therefor I must EAT all of the cookies because today is ruined, I have already gone way way over my calorie intake. There's no point it "ruining" tomorrow with cookie temptation! Today was a fail. Do not exercise because- what's the point? Cookies. So you feel terrible for your lack of self control and flood your body with sugar all in the name of perfection tomorrow. You vow not to eat any carbs tomorrow at ALL to make up for it. But, of course you do and the guilt and failure cycle through again.

Obviously this thinking is flawed from every angle and just downright silly. But we do it.

I decided to compare it to spending. We eat every day and even when we think we're not we use money daily- we use electrify, burn gas, use water etc. So if you go to Target and you spend a bit more than you should do you go, AH! I must spend ALL of my money so that tomorrow, when I have to come back to Target I won't mess things up again and can stay within my budget!!! You feel guilty and are full of buyers remorse but vow to not even GO OUT tomorrow or even spend a cent. Of  course you have to because you are out of milk for the baby and buy something else that you really do need but feel guilty all over again because you weren't supposed to spend and now you don't have money for groceries next week.

These thought process just don't make sense. And like our bank account you can't just fix it and start over tomorrow. Although every day is a new day to strive towards being better there are still consequences to spending all of your money or eating all of the cookies. My blood sugar rockets and then crashes and I spend the next two days on a roller coaster trying to get it stable again. My weight goes up, my body becomes one day LESS HEALTHY instead of HEALTHIER. I probably didn't get the nutrients I actually needed that day either.

So there, there is a way to talk myself out of that silly cycle "Am I also going to run out and spend all of our money because my amazon order was more than I anticipated? No. So I won't eat all of x just to be rid of it either."

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