Monday, July 21, 2014

Starting My Dietbet

I weighed in for my very first ever diet bet last night! I'm doing Win BIG w Heidi & Chris Powell. You put up 30$ and pledge to lose 4% of your bodyweight in 4 weeks.  I'm kind of nervous since i've made my goals to accomplish this bet so public! And i've been so up and down over the last few months! But her we go! I weighed in at night to hopefully give myself a teeny advantage hehe.. because we will be in Idaho for part of it i'm trying to think of some little things to help me out. Planning snacks that are only 100 cal (a little baggie of pre-measured almonds) packing carrot sticks and buying some of my favorite low calorie protein shakes. I find I made most of my bad food choices when I feel like I have "no other options" or basically no easy options. Did I mention Danny is doing it with me? He didn't put up the money like I did but we weighed him in last night along with me and took his photo just like we did mine. He has to lose around 8 and I have to lose 12.  Would you like to see my before picture?

To enter you have to submit a photo of yourself on the scale like this:

Then immediately following you have to take a photo of your toesies on the scale with the word of the day. I didn't have to hold my word for this photo. Don't I look great? I was so mad when I saw it! Thanks for telling me when you're going to take the picture Danny!!! But then i figured eh, as a before picture its probably best I look miserable, lethargic and brainless.  Wish me luck! I am planning on this helping me get past that little up and down 4 lbs over and over rut thing. :)  I weighed this morning and i was down 5 lbs from what I weighed in at last night. This really surprised me. But there have been a few things going on with my body that have caused bloating so maybe this morning i'm just back to normal? I'm not sure but i'm not going to argue! Gives me some hope to accomplish my goal! I DO feel a little annoyed with myself for not weighing in the morning. Because I'm just jipping myself out of losing a few more pounds. But folks weight loss is about 80% mental, 10% food and 10% exercise and this time around I am just shooting for a SUCCESS!!!!!  To get past that failure mentality and keep moving forward. So to moving forward! 
PS Idaho in a WEEK! 

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