Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Watching Extreme Weight Loss. I wish I and a Chris Powell in my life to help me break through those physiological barriers that are holding me hostage! Some of the people he works with are truly inspiring.

I've been a great deal of pain lately with IC flare ups. I haven't exercised because of it, it hurts to walk, any jarring or bending motions. UGH! But, I know it will calm down and i'll get going again. I also had a migraine with an aura  knock my freaking socks off today. Haven't had one that bad in a while. They are truly a curse. So is IC. But I digress.

So I entitled this "Secrets" because I have one to share. Once upon a time in college I wrote The Biggest Loser.  But then, when they actually called me back, and KEPT calling I chickened out.  Yeah, that didn't have quite the umph some secrets may, and it's kind of an embarrassing one I guess. Meh. I also went to a pre-school for handicapped children as a model student hahahaha anyway that's what my mom says! :P BUT seriously I was afraid of children with downs syndrome for quite some time because they always ripped my hair out. Hope that made SOMEONE smile. :) 

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