Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Post Weekend Detox

Does anyone else out there take pics of them in their sunday clothes in the church parking lot? We do haha but bubba's little bow tie was so sweet I just HAD to! We had a rough weekend.  Health wise. Well, and otherwise. We were basically out of groceries, all I had in the fridge were carrots, cucumber, one chicken breast and cheese haha! So I made a creamy chicken noodle soup. I've posted the recipe on the blog before, it's really yummy but felt so rich and fattening after how we have been eating!

 After leaving church a little early and being sad I figured, hey, we haven't had cookies in a LONG time, so we'll be fine to have "treat Sunday".  I enjoy baking and it was fun to have Rowan as my little helper/taste tester.  By the way.. his new thing is shutting doors, and often shutting himself in the room and then getting pretty distraught. LOL right now's banging on his bedroom door… better go help.

Anyway. I made up a menu for the week and grocery list Monday and we went and got Steak and Shake on our way to the grocery store.  AND I FEEL DISGUSTING. And bloated, and in pain. It's funny to me because we haven't gone out to a fast food place for a while, well except Moe's because if I don't eat the chips its pretty healthy. The month we lost the baby we were going there 2/3 times a week. Terrible. I decided today and the next two days i'm going to do a little veggie and fruit detox. I can't do juicing because of how my body reacts to the sugars being dumped into my system, and the lack of fiber doesn't do me much good either. So just fruits and veggies and then nuts and beans for protein (also because of how my body would react to the sugar's without protein.) No meat, no diary, no sugar, no carbs.. and LOTS of water.

So last night we had a beef and broccoli type stir fry over brown rice and today i'm starting my little detox. I had the blueberry avocado spinach smoothie for breakfast. Hopefully with how we have been eating it won't be TOO hard. With how we have been eating PRIOR to our rough weekend I mean. Ugh. The person I was going to go buy the jogging stroller from went out of town! I'm so annoyed. I wish they had told me they were so I would have met with them before they left.

I have been meaning to say for some time that if you're intimidated by nutrition because you don't think you know enough but want to start to eat healthy and just aren't sure where to begin… start with adding fruits and vegetables. As many as you can. Focusing on what you'll add TO your diet instead of what you're going to deprive yourself of or remove from it is a much better way to make positive changes. Focus your meals and cooking around the vegetable and protein. It's a start.

We almost have a little walker on our hands! he's been taking steps here and there on his own but usually goes back to crawling after he loses his balance. Every day he goes a little further! It's a good lesson for me. I may fall but as long as I get back up and go a little bit further, just take a few more steps every day.. i'll be ok.

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