Thursday, July 26, 2012


Ok, it's about time I get up on my soap box and have a little rant.  I just need to get it out of my system!

 Now that i'm up on my soap box lets go.

There's this kid at work who likes to push my buttons.  He's always trying to convince me of things.... I'm not sure if he actually believes what he's trying to convince me of or if he just enjoys some argumentative discussion.  One way or another... I can't remember how or in what context but he found out that  I didn't give away the cookie before marriage.
As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) we believe that intimacy- using the powers of procreation; is reserved for men and women bound in marriage.  Thus, I kept my cookies in the jar! Anyway, after he found that out he shook his head and said "Megan Megan Megan, how can you do that? It's like buying shoes, you gotta try em on before you buy em. How will you know what you like? What if you don't like them and you can't do anything about it?"

  Now, this isn't the first time I have heard the Sex is like Shoes thing. I think its crap people. IF I were to reduce something as sacred, intimate, holy and private as sexual intimacy to something as gross, plain, useful but as ordinary, as trying on a pairs of shoes until you find the perfect fit, the analogy still wouldn't work in my mind.  Here's why.

Here is the pair of shoes I didn't want to be.  If every person that came along tried on these shoes, even for a night how would they look? Feel? Smell? How many disgusting unknown fungus's would they have from any given wearer?  So, IF i were to reduce intimacy to something as casual as trying on sneakers I wouldn't want to be or have these ones! I'd want something like this....
Converse Chuck Taylor Allstar - Monochrome - White Leather
Brand new, sparkling white, strait out of the box, crisp clean, new sneakers.  As I said, I think this analogy is stupid.  But, if you're going to play it like that... here's an image for you.  I wanted to give my sweetheart brand new, crisp, clean sneakers.

Stepping down. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Goodbye JJ's

Hey everyone! I gave my 2 weeks notice today for Jimmy Johns because...
I GOT A JOB! Yaaaay!!!! I got the Head Start teaching position :D it pays like 3.15 more an hour and I am so happy! I figured out how much money i'll be bringing in every month and neither of us can believe we will have that much more income.  Anyway- more on that coming soon. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Employment Update/Schooling

I have left a few messages with the HR woman at Head Start this week.  No luck! Tomorrow will be a week since in terviewe4d with them and the job I want the most from USAJOBS just closed a couple of days ago.  I haven't heard ANYTHING from ANY of the positions I applied for through USAJOBS... :(  Someone told me this may be a good sign as their hiring process is very long and you hear sooner if you're weeded out that you don't have a shot where the people who are still in the running may not hear for a while.  I don't know. ..maybe they were just trying to make me feel better.  I should really start looking for more teaching positions or paraprofessional positions before school starts.  People just don't return your messages or respond to things here. It's really frustrating.  So today at JJ I began bread cutting! That's right folks I am now allowed to slice a piece of french bread and put mayo on it.  I was congratulated on my efforts and told I may soon get a raise once i had that mastered.  GO ME lol.  Funny thing is.... I get really really nervous there sometimes.  Especially if people are watching me or I can tell they don't like me.  Or- starting something new.  Today was all three and I was a mess.  The reason I am able to do the leader job is because I know the sandwiches well.  But I forgot everything when I was trying to do bread cutter! Hopefully I will relax soon, get nice and fast at mayoing that bread without a single dry bite and GET THAT RAISE!!
      On another note, Danny has been looking into schools to get his bachelors  He will most likely do something computer related for his bachelors (he has an associates in automotive but not much transfers over) and then get a masters in something intelligence related.  I couldn't believe it didn't matter what his bachelors was in to go into a masters in intelligence! Just as long as he HAS one.  So I started poking around online and what I could do at the masters level with my degree a degree.  Nothing really caught my eye and I know Danny's education is priority right now.  I felt impressed to pursue speech pathology.  But that prompting was so long ago and so much has changed and no opportunity has really presented itself for funding because it would require makeup courses equivalent to a second bachelors.  I still wanted to put with everything that has gone on in my life in the last two years it went on the back burner.  I was beginning to wonder if it was still the path I should choose and if so WHEN?  Today I had the first confirmed to me.  A woman came into the shop today who was very quiet.  She did not respond to our greetings, or a co workers attempt to answer any questions.  She studied the menu for a very long time.  Finally she made a motion that indicated she needed something to write with and on.  My manager was at the register ( was cutting bread yay).  She was writing questions and my manager kept responding verbally to everything she tried to ask/find out.  Finally I stepped in and wrote down the answer she was seeking and motioned towards each item I had listed.  Understanding lit her face, I gave her a thumbs up, she nodded and then I made her sandwich.  Again, I felt the impression that I need to pursue speech pathology.  Some who seek such services may be partially def.  Although this is not related to the deaf specifically like deaf education or learning to sign I had that impression.  Anyway, I'm not sure when I will be able to do this or what life will bring but I just wanted to share my thoughts. 

Four Months Four Roses

Yesterday was our four month anniversary!  I had to work so Danny stayed home and cleaned, did all of the laundry and organized my closet! (Thank you sweetie xoxo!)  On our wedding night we were starving after the reception and grabbed some Wendy's on our way to the wedding night suite.  We ate french fries and sipped sparkling cider in a gorgeous room my aunt and uncle had paid for (thank you so much!). We thought it might be fun to have that for dinner again so I found some sparkling cinder at Target and we got Wendy's.  My sweetheart had a surprise for me after dinner! Four lovely red roses to represent our four months and chocolate :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My New Blog- Mom's Kitchen

Hey everyone!

  I am starting another blog of recipes! Check it out! :) http://megisms-momskitchen.blogspot.com/

Friday, July 13, 2012

Would You Jehovah

Would You Jehovah

Would I know you? If you called my name?
Would you, my God, withdraw in shame?
For a daughter not knowing her masters voice?
Would I have lived to make the right choice?
Would my time on earth have been spent well?
Would my heart have changed from the day I fell?
Would the blood spilt for me have been worth or not?
Would the soul it purchased be worth being bought?
If I knew you and cried, kissing your feet
Praying in love that we would one day meet
Would you let me thrust my hand into your side
And see your Godly face, free of man’s pride?
Would you tell me the stories of your walk on land?
Would you let me feel the nail prints in your hand?
Would you present me to the father with joy and pride?
Glad to have me seated on your right side?
Where I could give glory forever more
To you, Jehovah, whom I adore

Megan Nichole Shipton

Employment wah wah wah waaaaaah

   Hey friends! We are coming up on our four month wedding anniversary here in a few days. Georgia has been... well, I don't know! Give me a few more months and maybe I'll have an answer for ya ;0)  jk!  Anyway I just wanted to let everyone know that things are going well.  We love being married and are SOOOO happy together!  Neither of us can believe how well things worked out and how perfect we are for other another- WE ARE SO BLESSED!

So,  I found a job... I'm making sandwiches at.......


As mentioned on my facebook it's a little disconcerting/humbling/humiliating/embarrassing/
demeaning/frustrating but I am glad to have work to keep me busy and the extra cash has saved our bacon.   I have continued to look for work in my field.  I interviewed with Head Start in Augusta this week and hope to hear from them soon.  I also applied to about 3 positions that all pay well on Fort Gordon through USA jobs and hope to hear from any of them!

      Danny is doing well, he worked one half day this week and one whole day! Go sweetie :) lol he was excited to go to work today because he had brand new boots!  His old ones were about to get him in trouble so we finally found the $ and got him some new ones.  They switched his schedule as well.  He now is working 12 hour shifts from 6:30 -6:30.  He's no longer allowed to take breaks, so they're long days.

Hope I get a full time job soon for more than minimum, it would help a lot! It's hard when I don't have any connections here.  Hopefully my credentials and experience will be enough!

3 Month Anniversary Surprise!

  For some reason we made a big deal out of our three month anniversary.... I think we felt like it was more of an accomplishment! Haha.  But really.  So I put together a romantic candle lit living room pic-nic surprise! Then I did some research on the Dating Diva's website and found a fun game to play. The game I found involved different flavors of chap stick and kisses xoxox  : D

 Then I got to work cooking and setting up our pic nic!  First I took some Hershey's kisses and pulled out all of the logo strips and wrote my own messages on thin strips of paper and re-wrapped them in the foil....

Then I made a little trail of the special kisses from the door to the living room where the pic-nic would be...

  .....and found some candles...... :)

Then I set up the pic-nic! We had a chicken cabbage salad for dinner and I made a chocolate sour cream cake from scratch for dessert!  Mostly just because we lost the lid to the sour cream tub... isn't that ROMANTIC? haha

So want to know what happened? I lit the candles a few minutes before I KNEW he would get home, he gets off at six thirty, gets home at seven. So I waited,

                                                                                   and waited,
                                                                                                                        and waiiiited

He got home super late and there was wax dripping everywhere!!!! I kept running around putting plastic under the  candles so that they would still look pretty! By the time he got home some were barely still burning anything and there was wax all over the carpet :) anyway, it's the thought that counts! Danny was out getting me chocolate that's why he was so late :) It was really nice, we had a great time.


      Hi everyone! I just wanted to give you a little update on how we are doing!  We are getting used to GA even though it's "stupid hot."  We will have been here for 4 months soon and are coming up on our 4 month anniversary!  We both  cannot believe how happy we are and how perfect we are for each other, we are very, very blessed. 

      Decorating the apartment has been a work in progress as we have the money.  Here are some pics, it's not quite done yet :)

Here's my sweet Danny reading his sciptures! He has a thing for candles..? So we have a huge candle as our centeripeice.  I later got some decorative balls to put around the base on the plate as well as a blue and bamboo placemat underneath.  I LOVE our Blue RUG! It was a great deal and amazing quality. rugsusa.com, I highly reccomend it! I was worried about ordering one but I love it.

Here's my latest pinterest project! it's a wreath  from antique book pages. Love it! So much fun, inexpensive, and easy. Most of our decor has been on a budget. Well, basically all of it. But it can be done! I got the decorative balls on sale for 50% off. The candle we used a 40% Coupon on. The Side tables we used a spend 50 get ten off coupon on when they were only 25 to begin with.  The rug was in clearance and that blue mat I found at the dollar store!

  I HATE the entertainment center. Oh well :) I plan on finding some way to hide all of the gadgets with woven baskets or something.  I still want to do something with the side table, a couple lamps maybe I just haven't found the right ones.  All of our white furniture pieces we found at The Christmas Tree Shop.  We still need frames too....

 Here's a better pick of the curtains.  They are a woven looking brown, blue and cream paisley pattern from Target
Entry And kitchen table complete with army uniform jacket.

 This is our bed and night stands. We have matching dresser drawers. I will have to put up a better photo, I know have side lamps with golden shades and a canvas hung above with the Idaho Falls temple on it as well as some other decor... We had to put away our nice comforter for the summer because it was  too hot.  That's why I haven't taken a pic.

Well this is home so far!

After posting all of these I REALLY wanted lamps for the end tables.  Look what I found! There were only two, aren't they perfect? :)