Sunday, October 31, 2010


Dressing up this year for a big halloween party and Trick-or-Treat I helped orchastrate, was a blast!
A tribute to my mother. She made my AMAZING costume. I had so much fun dressing up this year! My costume is out of the same pattern as my little sisters'. Here are pictures of both.

Marissa the glam and glitz fancy witch!
She had a funnier shot but she wouldn't let me put it up. Sorry all! :)

Spenny was Tom burgundy and well... that's Bond over there. James Bond. Off with his head!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Yup. So the lil chika is getting these awesome boarding pants for Christmas and I made her a hat to match. This is what she wanted. I'm getting better at actually making what people want instead of just going with it and then discovering where I end up. :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

This my latest and MOST FAVORITE HAT!!!

It's a teeny baby hat. So cute!

Hat Number

Now, people. This IS an adult hat WITH a pompom. It's my fav. to wear!

Haha, and yes I look like a weirdo in this pic but, look how long my hair is getting!!!!! :D

Hat's off...

My friend Jaimee and I have been discovering crochet lately. Her- mainly for photo props and I....um... shrug. Anyway, saw TONZ of funny little children's hat's online selling for 15-30 bucks and thought... hey, I can do that. So I learned a few stitches and Jaimee walked me through hat making and here are the results!

This is my first hat. It's a little bit boarder beanie style with a small brim. When I flipping learn to make the stinking flowers (i'm lame) i'll add some, until then.....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Decor

YAY!!!! I found this in a magazine at Angie's while I was babysitting and couldn't help but do it myself! In the magazine they used a few different patterns of black lace but I used mesh patterned tights instead. It was SOOOO easy! Because the tights are already stretchy I just pulled them over the pumpkins, tacked them and stacked them. Viol-la!

The first (bottom pumpkin) is plain orange, the second is a lumpy grey, the third is a square white pumpkin and the top is a small orange gourd. I got them for $14.00 at the "You Pick Barn". I went with my El Valor De Los Padres kids for a parent activity. It's on Rollandett (Sp?) in IF. Just head down 17th, turn left on Rollandett, travel about a quarter mile and it's on the right. They have an adorable mini corn maze and little train for the kids. It was funny... none of the parents picked pumpkins for their kids.... they all picked and purchased onions.... ?
If you're interested in going to the pumpkin patch you can find more info at http://www.youridahofalls.com/pumpkin-patch-idaho-falls.html.
Remember to bring your camera!


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