Thursday, January 30, 2014

Continuing Clean

We have continued to make an honest effort to eat clean, one thing that i've noticed is that a lot of the recipes out there for clean eating are TERRIBLE! I know enough about baking that when I see a recipe calls for two TBS of baking powder I kind of raise my eye brows, follow the recipe anyway (my general rule is follow it exactly the first time, sometimes I get too adventurous and mess things up experimenting and then forget what I did…) and then am super annoyed when it comes out tasting like baking soda. I don't know why people would post something that tastes like crap for other people to make more inedible crap thanks to them. Example no. 1: Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies. SO excited to have some precious chocolate chips in the house and decide to use these sacred morsels of goodness to make a healthy sugar free pumpkin spice yogurt cookie- plus chocolate. :) Mixed em up… bater tasted bitter….. baked them- lovely. I kept wondering if I was getting a pocket of baking soda in my one cookie or something but nope, just the whole thing was terrible.  Another recipe destroyed by baking soda that somebody posted was for clean cornbread. I thought it would go well with some turkey chili! First- I just want to say I think she lied.  The recipe calls for whole wheat flour and hers turned out way too light to have used that (from her photo's.) Anyway- if you saw my Facebook post it turned out horribly.  Burned, baking soda flavored crap. I had to throw it away and start over! Mine turned out like this…. and I added some greek yogurt to make it a little more moist. Sheesh.

Since I wasn't getting the weight loss results I wanted from clean eating alone I was considering calorie counting when I ran across a blog called http://www.runsforcookies.com . It was so inspiring! The author, Katie, lost a ton of weight counting calories for her first 50 lbs and ran and counted for the rest.  I was excited because of her attitude towards weight loss. Only doing things and making changes (today) you can do for a lifetime. And that includes not giving up the things you love to eat… like cookies. But exercising and watching your caloric intake. That makes it sound too easy but if you're counting calories it's not "that" easy. But, away, good ol' diet and exercise. Just a different more long term and livable approach. I have been tracking calories through SparkPeople for the last 4 days and it's been harder to stay within my limit range than I thought it would be! I realized that even though we were eating healthy foods we were eating too much of them. Those little calorie buggers add up fast! But it's been good. I'm down 3 lbs (even though it's the same 3 i've lost and gained 5 times since we moved here) it's a start. I suppose my last accountability post had some good results on my responsibility to self… and you all. :) My goal is also to do some form of exercise no matter how long or anything 4 times a week. Until I'm more confident and capable and then i'll start stepping it up.

On a Different Note: Life

Things have been going well! It takes time to get back into the groove of life after being separated for so long. The fights have become few and far between and we seem to be back in sync with one another. We really enjoy the time we spend together as a family, and it's a good thing too because so far we haven't spent much time with anyone else…. haha but seriously.  The other day we watched a movie and Rowan sat between us, a rare occasion for him to be content just sitting! It was so nice and fun to just do something as a little family!
 Danny is on swings and that hasn't been too fun. I just try to have a cooked breakfast together or have "dinner" ready by lunch time so we can sit down and share a meal before he goes. I read a post on fb the other day from someones blog about asking more meaningful questions to get more meaningful answers. I've been trying to do that with Danny when we lie down at night and talk about our day…. usually we ask one another what their "FPD" was (favorite part of the day, tradition adopted from a roommate at carriage house I just can't remember which…) Danny always says "Just hanging out with you babe." And I always ask "Which part of hanging out with me was your favorite?' So I've been asking "When did you feel most loved today?" It's probably annoying but I enjoy hearing his answers. And makes me realize I need to step it up if he didn't really have any moment to share.  Last nights made me laugh! I had seen people make overnight oats in a peanut butter jar to use up the last bits and I thought it was a good idea. Where I went wrong was throwing in some quinoa. I thought it would… I don't know soak up some moisture overnight? Well, not at all duh. So my oatmeal was nasty gluey mush that tasted like raw chewy quinoa. Danny doesn't really love oatmeal anyway so I felt bad and got him an apple too while I kept saying "well it's good for us…" his moment during the day when he felt most loved? When his wife handed him nasty mush oatmeal and felt bad it was gross and gave him half an apple! ;P 

RowRow is growing and growing! He's getting so chubby! He's stopped sleeping and eating for a little bit… i'm not sure at all how he's growing. He eats big people food sometimes and finger foods on his tray. Usually just because he wants to be independent. It's not until he's had some self feeding time that I can get any of his baby foods in him.  Grahm crackers are his fav. He just turned eight months a few days ago! We should have a crawler on our hands soon! He doesn't like floor time much though :( and still no teeth! With how badly he sleeps its not surprise he was growing but I Thought surely we'd see a tooth! Oh well.  He's going to be such a handful once he becomes mobile! He loves getting into all things electric and pounding on keyboards is his favorite. :) We love him dearly! NOthing makes me happier than seeing how much Danny adores his little bubba and seeing that reflected right back in his son's eyes. Awww i'm soooo cheesy.

Monday, January 27, 2014


UGH! I hate that I promised you people I would hold myself accountable to my promises to get healthy.  Obviously It hasn't been going that well or i'd be bragging about it instead of posting pictures of  furniture…..
We are doing pretty well at eating clean- most days. We were hard core for a few weeks… but then we run out of grocery money and eat mac and  cheese for a week. Then we eat clean for a few after getting paid and then are back on ramen and called beans. Soooo sigh, we decided ok, we can't go all hard core on this clean eating, (meaning completely organic, all fresh, no processed foods) and focus more on health so that we can make it week to week. So now we eat canned beans now and then and boxed granola or cherrios. I'm still cooking as clean and as healthy as possible. And we still aren't having treats. Or we will have clean pumpkin "cookies".  Anyway- I haven't lost any weight really. I did at  first, when we went cold turkey off of sugar and started eating clean I lost 5 lbs and NO more. So frustrating. After slipping some during the holidays we decided to kick off the new year by doing a juice fast and cleanse. We watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (a juicing and weight loss documentary) on netflix about 4 times. I was SO excited! I couldn't wait to jump start some weight loss, and hopefully improve my health problems! Specifically- pre-dibates and Interstitial Cystitis.  We got on Joe's juicing website and found out he was doing a little juice fast thing online… we thought hey! Perfect timing! We signed up to juice with Joe!  (Everyone say hello to Joe…)
We bought a Briville juicer. It is AMAZING. And we didn't even get the most expensive one.  Before our 3 day juice fast started we bought all the veggies and spent some time preparing them for juicing and put them in bags for specific juice recipes. That way we'd have them all ready to go and not be tempted to grab something else. The next morning after  Danny left for work I took 1-2-3 sips of my morning orange drink and BAM! Almost blacked out.  What they don't mention on FSND is that juicing isn't that great  for people struggling to control blood sugar. If you have  diabetes or are pre-diabetic or have hypoglycemia it is NOT the thing for you!! Unless you ONLY drink GREEN VEGETABLES. Personally i'd rather just eat them. What happens is when you juice fruits and veggies you remove all of the fiber and end up dumping a ton of natural sugar, in a quickly digestible form right into your blood stream. Sugar, natural, processed, refined, whatever is still sugar and your body reacts the same to it. So my blood sugar spiked and then crashed really fast. I had the worst migraine i'd had in years that day, was so dizzy I couldn't walk, puked.. parts went numb yeah. I had to have Danny come home from work. I was so disappointed.  I've had trouble being committed ever since. We have tried some of P90X but it's WAY too advanced for me. And Danny tries to lead me in some exercises but everything he tells me to do is physically impossible at this weight. Both just frustrate me and make me feel like a failure. My allergies have been horrible so outdoors is not really an option.  I did a little research on workout videos and found some good advice. If you are a beginner you should look for "beginner" level instructional videos that are in small say 10 min segments. I found a few online but money is tight so we got a used one from 2nd and Charles. I found this little gem….
 The Best Workouts Ever… Cardio. Yaaay. Yes, this is as lame as it sounds. BUT! It's 10 min segments for beginners so I figured that might work for me. It had bad reviews, some of the instructors aren't very good… but it's what I needed in most aspects. I did it today and it was easy enough I could do it but still got my heart rate up and challenged me. YAY! I worked out. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Table Project LOVE

Remember this can of paint from my last post? I found a piece of furniture within my budget I could use it on!


I got this table on the Augusta's Online Yard-sale FB page 25$ 

Real wood… but had a very thick kind of varnish coating on top! Took me so long to sand the sucker down! I can't wait until I can get an electric sander! 

Here's after being painted…


And here's the final product! Sanded, painted, Distressed, stained, and waxed! Yeah… no longer selling :) I like it too much! So hopefully I can find another piece to use that paint on! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

New Apartment Projects I LOVE

    Shabby Chic Dresser 

 Ahhhhh! I'm kicking myself for not posting a before picture of this early 1900's dresser. Wah wah waaaaah. We got in on craigslist (solid oak) for 70$. Not going to lie even though I bought it specifically  as a project piece for Rowan's room I was really feeling like I'd spent too much and should have looked further… until I painted and antiqued it! (Please, don't judge me for the sin of painting oak.)  Jaimee found this paint for me while I was pregnant and Danny was deployed. Clearance bin I believe? It's Chalkboard paint. I had originally wanted to use it on his wooden cradle. Buuuut time went by, Danny was gone, and it finally made its way to the top of the to-do list. :) 

How I did it:
1. Remove hardware and lightly sanded then wiped down wood.
2. One layer of chalkboard paint, I painted it pretty streakily specifically missing corners. Let dry fully.
3. Sanded down corners ands wear area's. 
4. Rubbed with watered down stain to give worn/dirty look. Let dry.
5. Covered with wax, let stand 20 min and buffed off with a soft cloth.
6. Stained handles and re-attach hardware. 

 I did it this color to match a quilt my mom made for Rowan. His room is … loosely based on these colors. :) Well… what we have for it so far is! Poor bubba his little room has become storage/office as well. But here it is! Couldn't be happier. :)

Future Project? I just had to share this lovely dusty coral paint I found …1 gallon for 5$.  I want to do more furniture pieces but haven't had luck finding any for a decent price. 

Soooo… we have had our eyes peeled for the perfect entertainment center dresser  for a long time. If you check out my "for the home" board on pinterest you will find a number of inspiration pieces! I really wanted to do a bright coral color to bring some color to our living room color scheme. Danny's dad offered to buy us something for Christmas when he visited so we went out to hunt for good solid wood pieces to use. We looked quite a few places, most were in poor condition, pressed wood and overpriced. I was getting a little discouraged when we ran into this….

Yeah! Basically just what I wanted! ALREADY done. lol That's what we got. I love it. It looks great in our living room! Danny was really excited about the prospect of converting it into an entertainment center. He removed the top  two faces from their drawers then attached hinges and latches. He then Attached ribbons on the side to support the doors when opened and stained the interior. Love it! Perfect for electronic storing and Rowan won't be able to get into a bunch of open shelves. And it looks nice to be able to close it.  :) 

My Stance on Heterosexual Marriage

In recent years we as members of the church have fought to keep and declare the definition of marriage as a union between men and women.  In spite of those efforts law makers are still moving and have moved in some states, to legalize gay marriage. The fight has changed from "What is marriage? " to "What is your stance on gay marriage?" Well let me tell you...


I am a daughter of God. I in was created by God in His image. I have a divine nature and destiny that involves my potential as a wife and mother. Being female has been a part of my identity before I was born and will continue to be after I die.  My husband was also created in God's image. He has been male since before this world was and being male is part of his divine heritage just as much as being female is part of mine.

My stance on heterosexual marriage is that it is an institution created and ordained by God.  That being married, having families, and raising children are part of Gods divine purpose and plan for each of us. That when the family falls apart society falls apart.  God created us male and female and meant for us to be together.

Part of my divine potential as a female is being a wife. I was commanded, by God to marry a man.  To leave my parents and "cleave" to a spouse and be as one flesh. (Genesis 2:24) Marriage between a man and a woman is an institution created by God to perpetuate His plan involving eternal families. I believe in marriage and was married to my sweetheart in 2012.  I was created to be a part of him just as he was to be a part of me. Neither is man without the woman nor woman without the man. Spiritually, physically, and forever- my literal other half.

Another part of my divine right to womanhood is having and raising children. I and my husband, as married man and woman. were commanded by God to " be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth." (Genesis 1:27-28)  To me, this is an integral part what marriage means. It is fulfilling our duty to raise spirit sons and daughters. As such my husband and I had our first son 8 months ago.  This little chubby, drooly person is our whole world! He is part of both of us, and he, is also a son of God.

When I think about my stance on heterosexual marriage I think of this face. Because without heterosexual relations, in marriage, it would not exist.  Our son had the right to be born. He has the right to be born to a man and a woman who are married. He has the right to be loved and cared for, to have his spiritual, educational, physical and social needs met. He has the right to be part of a family as God intended. I believe in this face.  I believe that he was meant to be here and that having married, male and female parents gives him his very best chance at life.  My husband and I have a duty to this little person to honor our marital vows.  When society stops believing in family as a man and woman bound in marriage raising children our culture, country, and family's are in jeopardy.

 The Family A Proclamation to the World calls upon us to uphold, fight for and to strengthen the family as the "fundemental unit of society."  I believe that it is the fundamental unit of society and that its roots are in heterosexual marriage.