Tuesday, December 18, 2012


So what are we having?! I don't know you're all just asking me! LOL! :D  But, we have an appointment on the 27th and I am hoping we will find out then, don't know if they will tell us even if they can tell, they're not very nice about telling people gender :( so, if they won't tell, and we can't figure it out or the baby just isn't turned to show then we have an appointment with a Prenatal  Imaging clinic on January 3rd.  OH I CANT WAIT!!!! The prenatal imaging place shows you the gender and gives you a video. (and we get a military discount!)  I just want Danny to be able to see his baby's gender before he leaves.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our Stockings

My mom made our Christmas Stockings this year, I was so excited to get the package and laughed my head off when I saw what she came up with! So creative, so talented.  Thank you Mom!

Christmas Gift Basket

Danny and I decided we'd give his twin sisters (if you- are Danny's twin sisters please avert your eyes and click exit NOW!, or work on your surprised face :p) a "Date Night Gift Basket" for Christmas.  It includes:

 - Restaurant Gift Gard
- Microwavable Kettle Corn 
- Microwavable Regular Popcorn bags
- "Date Night" the movie
- Bottled Root Beer
- Two boxes of theater candy
- Assorted Smaller candies

I found the popcorn bucket at a dollar store and was so excited! The microwave kettle corn box was large and we thought we could fit all of the items in it originally but we couldn't.  So then I went basket hunting, but, few were big or deep enough for the kettle corn! I wanted a bowl that said "Popcorn", maybe like the metal one we had growing up so I was way excited when I found the plastic popcorn bowl that would fit everything nicely! It was very deep, I just had to use a filling.  Then, shredded paper, gift basket bag, ribbon and a tag and viola! My homemade gift basket! :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012


 Danny was told his prospective leave date this week.  We told the apartment we would be out in January and from there we are driving across the country to take me back to Idaho.  Poor Danny, he usually deals with things by not dwelling on things he cannot change, this week I have seen the reality of his deployment setting in.  I can't help but think how grateful I am that we will be together for Christmas before he leaves and that he will be back for the Holiday's next year, our baby's first Christmas! Last Christmas Daniel proposed and this year we are preparing for him to leave.  Things change so quickly and this next year will bring even more change.  Sometimes the one thing that gives me comfort is knowing that change is constant, time passes, that the phrase "and it came to pass..." is uttered so many times in the Book of Mormon because, like all if it's teachings, its a truth. I am looking forward to being back in Idaho but for obvious reasons it's bittersweet! The closer it gets to Christmas the more home sick I feel.  My family has a unique opportunity to all be under the same roof for a short time again.  Jacob will be home from his Mission in Italy in March, Kenyon is living at home, I will be living at home and Spencer is graduating from high school this May and preparing to heave on his mission, then I will be having the baby in June and Marissa the youngest is still at home.  So a lot going on and a lot to look forward to for this unique time in our family.  I think the first few months after Danny leaves will be the most difficult.  Until I have the baby.  Especially when I'm all big and uncomfortable and missing him! I just hope I can stay busy at home and have a good support system of friends and family to keep me busy and positive... without constantly telling me to BE positive :) I hope i'm not sick too, that will help. I am so excited to leave Georgia though... woa. We both really hate this place hahaha! We are going to Florida for Christmas and spending time with Danny's Dad, step mom and Sister's family.  We're excited about that and hope we can find time to visit a beach we went to while dating, the beach we decided we were going to marry one another :) good times. Anyway, I am just feeling bored and nostalgic as well as homesick, sad,and slightly hormonal/weepy so I thought I'd do an update.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Baby Waves

Hi, This is Danny, I uploaded a video, you can see the baby again, he waves. =)

 Thursday we had our second baby appointment.  I found out that if there is a "perk" to a high risk pregnancy in the OB clinic its that you get way more ultrasounds!! Most likely at every visit plus two scheduled ones. :) We feel spoiled even though the reasons make sense.  This video is from Thursday with Baby at about 13.5 weeks.  Baby is almost through their first trimester- Yay!  Not much more to report, it was just exciting to see it move around, its little heart beating and the developing brain.  I looooove technology :) still sick most days and on nausea medication.

 Some of you have been asking about deployment.  As of now we have no new information.  Danny's last day in the shop was yesterday and he will start whatevertheacronym was that he didn't know what it stood for but is preparing him to deploy/train or something. We still are not sure when he is going.