Thursday, April 23, 2015

Belly Cream (Pregnancy stretch marks!)

This week our little baby boy seems to have really grown! I woke up one morning with my tummy feeling so huge, heavy and tight. He also seemed to be far up into my rib cage as well as low in my pelvis. I showed Danny after he got off work and he even was like "Woa... baby HAS grown!" Usually he says he can't tell when I show him things like that, not seeing me every day! Well, you know what comes along with baby growth; STRETCH MARKS. I haven't worried about it too much this being my second I figured, hey, they're already there right? Well... now THOSE marks are getting longer and burning and itching! So today I decided to whip up my own little belly cream. I remember paying like 40$ for the "good" kind at motherhood maternity when I was pregnant with Rowan. This probably cost me .. well the whole jar of Shea butter was 8$ and I only used 1/4 of it, then my jar was 85 cents and then the oils!

Here's the recipe:

1/4 Cup Shea Butter
6 drops of each:
                -Gentle Baby

I scooped the shea butter into a bowl, microwaved it for a few seconds to soften then added my oils and whipped it up!